How to Upgrade Your Space with Modern Lamps

How many hours do you spend sitting at a desk every day (or at least 5 days of the week)? Odds are, you have clocked in countless hours sitting at the same boring station typing away into the evening. What if you could improve productivity, creativity, and attention all through better lighting… I’m sure your boss would love that!

This post aims at bringing better light into your life by that by upgrading your boring lights.

Not only will your desk start to look better but having a sitting area with more unique items like the Levitating Moon Lamp which you can find at will turn boring meetings into curious conversations. Maybe it will help you close the next deal or better relate to your colleagues. Whatever your goal, a better lamp on your desk will help you hit the mark.


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Moon lamps

Having a lamp can help bring some ambiance back from those flickering fluorescent bulbs typically found in your classic cubicle.  Our favorite here is the Levitating moon lamp. It takes the cake when talking about unique lighting options.  2 magnets separate the moonlight from the base as it effortlessly spins for hours while lit. You don’t have to be a space junkie to appreciate this modern marvel.

Salt lamps

While they may not go with everyone’s unique décor salt lamps can offer some working clarity as they improve air conditions.  Since the lamp is basically a giant hollowed out rock of salt, the heat from the lamp can actually start to purify the air. This happens when the moisture in the air comes in contact with the sodium ions from the rock. The 2 meet and create an ionic reaction. Don’t worry though this won’t have any impact on your electronics. Take that house plants!

Pipe Lamps

Looking for a bit more of a rustic feel? Then look no further. Pipe lamps are a great addition to a desk or workspace that demands strength and durability. Typically crafted from solid Iron pipes, these lamps will not be knocked over easily. They are perfect for construction site workplaces or other areas where durability is key.  Finish off the look with a classically inspired Edison bulb.

Charging station lamps

Often time’s two uses are better than one.  This is certainly the case for someone who loves to multitask at their desk or workstation. Having a lamp with a wireless charging base for your phone is convenient and can look great too. All you need is a wireless sticker attachment to link the phone to the charging device and your set.  Some newer phones come with this capability already built in. No more fumbling for cords in the drawer ever again!

We hope this guide helped to spark some creativity in your office and you will make the plunge to upgrade your dimly lit desk.  Not only will it improve the level of conversation but having a more unique table lamp should improve the quality of work you produce along with your attention to detail.

Do you have a unique lamp or idea that wasn’t mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below.