How to write the perfect resume

As you know, writing a resume can be a time-consuming and an overwhelming task. However, if you are hoping to land an interview for the job you really want, keep in mind that a well-written resume can help you with that. To put it in another way, your cover letter and resume are the most important things for marketing yourself and your skills.

Over the years, the overall resume formats have changed and it is necessary for you to meet the standards today. You might ask yourself, how long should it be, what should it looks like, and what should it include? Well, here are some tips on how you can write the perfect resume: For more details, you can check Careers Plus Resumes.

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Contact information

While this part might seem obvious, there are a few things that you should consider. For example, how will you display your name? Are you planning on using your full name or a nickname? Whatever your choice might be, you should always be consistently representing your name on all carrier materials, such as businesses cards, a portfolio, or a blog. You should choose one phone number and email address that you will include in your resume.

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Social media accounts

Today, recruiters will search for your online social media platforms before they decide to interview you. You could save them some time and include the links to your profiles. In addition to the social media links, you can also add links relevant to your work, such as a blog, portfolio, or personal website.

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Sample job descriptions

When you are writing the perfect resume, it should be written to support the specific business goal you have. One of the best ways to make sure that your resume is well positioned is to identify the job descriptions you are interested in and that you are qualified to perform. Do some research and gather some job posting that depicts the position you want. This will help you choose which skills should you add to your resume. On Ladders, you can find resume examples to help you out with this and other steps.

Technical skill and proficiencies

What technical platforms and tools are you proficient in? You should list all that apply to the job position. Be as much comprehensive and specific as you can. You can add anything to this list, from social media accounts to computer language and management system.

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Your professional experience

You should start with your most recent job and go backward. The most perfect resume should have details on your jobs within the past 15 years. For each job, you should list the company name and URL, the job title, the start and end dates, a job description, and achievements.

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Volunteer work

If you have been part of a non-profit organization or if you have been volunteering, you should add it to the resume, since skills-based volunteering is great to fill in the employment gap. List any volunteering work that you have done and if you are new to the workforce, list any campus activities or clubs that you were active in.

Language skills

A great selling point on your resume is your language skills. If you are multilingual, make sure that you write each language that you speak, as well as your proficiency level.

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You should create a record of all your education, starting from your most recent degree. You should list the school, location, the name of the degree, your minor and major, the graduation year, and honors that you might have received. All, if you have any certifications, you should add them as well.

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Always proofread your resume

One mistake could take away your chances to land the interview. Read your resume a few times and check for any spelling or grammatical mistakes that you have made. Also, it is good to read your resume out loud so that you can focus on each word. This website will provide you with some information about should you or should you know to hire someone to proofread or write your resume.

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If you follow these tips, you will be able to write a professional resume in an easy and time efficient way, or just hire a professional writer.