What Happens If Hydrocele Is Left Untreated? – Advice From Urologist Of Delhi

In simple terms, hydrocele is a fluid filled sac that forms around the testes. It occurs due to injury or trauma in the genital region. The condition of hydrocele may or may not cause any sharp pain in the beginning. Even if it is painless, the swelling of the scrotum can create much discomfort in carrying about the daily tasks. The constant heaviness in the groin area can add up to the stress of a male enduring it everyday.

Other than the discomforts and stress, there are various problems that can arise if a hydrocele is left untreated.

Here are the medical complications associated with prolonged or untreated hydrocele:


Shrinking of the testicles – The accumulated fluid (hydrocele) exerts excessive pressure on the testicles. Due to this pressure, the affected testicle can shrink. This condition is called testicular atrophy and can cause serious damage to the testicles that affects the sperm production. In many cases, this damage is irreversible.

Impact on fertility – Hydrocele often results in excessive pressure on the testicles and impaired supply of blood and oxygen to the testes. Both these conditions can hinder the optimal functioning of the testicles and thus have adverse impacts on the sperm profile ( sperm count, sperm motility, sperm quality). This, in turn, may give rise to fertility issues. Hence, a prolonged or recurrent hydrocele may result in total impotency in the long run.

Rupture of the hydrocele – As fluid keeps on accumulating in the scrotal sac, the hydrocele keeps on growing and the pressure keeps on increasing. In very severe and rare cases, the cll can rupture. This, ofcourse, can be very painful and may create an emergency condition.

Infection in the scrotal fluid surrounding the testes – The scrotal fluid is prone to microbial attacks. In the case of microbial growth, the fluid can turn infected and the scrotal sac may get filled with pus-like substance. This condition is called pyocele and can have serious implications.

Hardening of the hydrocele sac – Over time, other substances can also deposit in the scrotal sac along with the scrotal fluid. This can result in the hardening of the scrotal fluid and the hydrocele sac may calcify. Thus, considering the complexity, calcification of the hydrocele is among the most dreaded complications.

Twisting of the testicles – Due to excessive pressure, the testicles can twist around the spermatic cord. This is a very painful condition called testicular torsion in medical terms. It is an emergency condition, and if the testicles are not attended to in time, they can lose their function completely.

Accumulation of blood in the scrotal sac – Any injury or trauma to the scrotum can result in bleeding in the hydrocele sac. The hydrocele sac may get filled with blood and form a hematocele. Over time, the blood cells can even clump together to form blood clots.

Death of tissues in the genitals – Certain types of infections in the hydrocele sac can also result in necrosis and death of the scrotal tissues. This is called Fournier’s gangrene and even though it is rare, can have severe complications.

A urologist’s advice on hydrocele


Dr. Rohit Juneja is a urologist, currently associated with Pristyn Care in Delhi. He says, “ Hydrocele alone is a painful and discomforting condition. When left untreated, it can grow severe and result in a variety of unpleasant complications. Coupled with the complications, hydrocele is no less than a nightmare. Therefore, it is always better to get hydroceles treated so as to avoid any discomforting conditions.

Also, nowadays, the treatment process for hydrocele has become a lot simpler. You do not need to undergo the complex and painful open surgery. You can get rid of hydrocele in just one day through the modern laser hydrocelectomy.”

Dr Juneja also gives a brief overview of the laser hydrocelectomy procedure and its benefits.
“In laser hydrocelectomy, the surgeon uses laser energy to make a small incision in the scrotum region. The surgeon then drains the scrotal fluid, reverses or removes the cell sac and then closes off the incision. This provides permanent relief from hydrocele, that too in a painless manner.


The doctor further goes on to share other benefits of laser hydrocelectomy,

“It is a very short procedure and takes up only 30-45 minutes. You can go home as soon as the effect of anesthesia subsides. Laser hydrocelectomy is a safe procedure so you don’t need to worry about the postoperative complications.

All you need to do is take a few precautions. Stay hydrated and eat a healthy diet. Refrain from lifting heavy weights and indulging in strenuous exercises. And wear proper scrotal support while carrying out your routine tasks.

With a healthy lifestyle and a few precautionary measures, the downtime will be very short and you’ll recover completely in less than a week. “

If you are struggling with the symptoms of hydrocele, you can get in touch with a Pristyn Care specialist. They are associated with some of the best urologists and hospitals in the country, and thus offer a reliable and trustworthy treatment.

The Bottom Line

The decision of choosing the right healthcare provider is rightfully yours. The most we can do is to provide you with the adequate information beneficial for your treatment. Thus, delay no more and book your appointment with an experienced urologist right now. It is in your hands to not allow hydroceles to continue to make your days worrisome anymore.