11 Strategies That Will Improve Your Destiny 2 Gaming Skill

Destiny 2 turned out to be one of the biggest games on the market today thanks to the variety of characters, bold story, and competitive multiplayer excitement. It got some very high-star reviews from the start, both from the new players and the old ones.

Content of the game is packed with many options and play modes which can be daunting even to the experienced gamers. Before diving right into the game, there are a few tricks you might want to consider taking advantage of.

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1. Treasure hunt


When you land check out your map and look for the white spade symbols. This will be the location of treasure chests. This side mission of Destiny 2 shouldn’t be overlooked by players since it’s a fast way to improve your character and an opportunity for quick looting. Taking the time to go in the treasure hunt can pay off immensely, earning you legendary and exotic engrams.

2. Weapon choices


If you want to be ready to engage in different sorts of combats, solo, or with your teammates, you should choose a wide variety of weapons. There are many to pick from: hand grenades, close-range weapons, and rifles. Try to have some of each, since having just one kind of firearm can leave you vulnerable in many combat modes. More different weapons mean more opportunities to engage in fights with other players.

3. Fireteam Medallions


There are very few opportunities for loot, and players should grab every one they can. Purchasing Fireteam Medallions will give you four hours to visit loot drops and boost your experience. They come quite cheap, so don’t hesitate to spend some Bright Dust since the payoff can be tenfold. Medallions apply to a team giving players a chance to swap them, choosing who will activate it in those four hours. For more boosts visit lfcarry.com.

4. Public Events


There are many easy ways to turn Public Events into the Heroic Public Events. Players need to memorize how to trigger them, but it’s worth a hassle. Once activated characters get a better chance in finding loot drops, and maybe get ahold of the Exotic Engrams. All in all, this is an opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted, since players can gain a lot with very little effort.

5. Shaders


In Destiny 2, Shaders are a one-time chance to apply it on any piece of gear. In the early stages of the game, you’ll probably be swapping your armor all the time until you find which one best fits your needs. Your looks will change constantly, so no need to worry about it early on. Shaders are very valuable and should be used wisely. Save them for when you get to upper levels where you can actually have some use out of them.

6. Legendary Mods


If you’re having a hard time increasing your Light Level, there is an easy way to achieve this. Adding Legendary Weapon can get you 5 Light. In the beginning, you don’t need to do this since there are other ways to find loot, but once you get to the 280s you should consider this addition. Also, Gunsmith can modify your modes into Legendary ones.

7. Double your chances

Loot chances could be hard to come by in the higher levels of the games, so a good option would be creating one or more Alternate characters. This will multiply your chances for loot and gaining experience. Powerful Engrams are not so easy to find, and this way you’ll get more opportunities to get ahold of them. Beside Engrams, you can also farm for precious materials like Legendary Shards. Flexibility and divisibility will allow you to play many fields at the same time developing your character and seizing more valuables.

8. Join a clan


Playing solo has its perks, but joining a clan can let you reap even more benefits. First, you will be joined with mind-like players functioning as a team. Further, it opens up chances for more and more frequent looting, since clans are given different tasks every week to complete, which can earn you Legendary or Powerful Engrams. It will also add a considerable amount of experience on the bar earning you higher ranks among the clan that could award you with Reputation Engrams.

9. Pick your class

In the beginning, it’s important to choose from three classes: Hunter, Warlock, and Titan. Each of them has specific subclasses and challenges that you’ll have to overcome. Every time you succeed some award or a specific power will unlock. This will help you move up the levels gaining a considerable amount of experience. Before choosing, explore each one to pick the most suitable path to high levels for you, from the ability to smash things, produce them, or just create protection.

10. Complete the campaign

Before jumping into various modes of multiplayer, you should complete the primary mission. You will be playing by yourself, getting familiar with locations, and your enemies. This experience is invaluable if you want to progress in the game. No need to rush things, there will be plenty of time for playing with other gamers. The primary campaign will give you the chance to get to know your weapons and to experiment with different strategies. This will help you in later stages and also give you the chance to enjoy the cinematic storytelling of Destiny 2.

11. Finish the game by yourself


While the war is ongoing it’s better to have your teammates by your side, no doubt about that. But, when it comes close to the finish line, you should go in the last battle by yourself. Chatting with your fellow fighters might distract you from achieving the goal.

The story gets better and better throughout the game ending with some powerful narrative and music. As an avid gamer, you’ll probably value the effort the developers put in. Also, as you’ll see, the ending story makes more sense if there is only one player involved. During the game, it’s more practical to join forces with other players, but when it comes to finishing off your enemies, do it alone.