Incredible Ways Technology is Impacting Modern Education

Technology is quite hard to grasp today as it is changing so rapidly. Yet it has undeniably impacted the world in every aspect of life today and education is no exception. The ways things are presented and have been taught in the class is not the same as the earlier days for students. The computing and use of the internet, in particular, have changed things in the student’s lives. Technology has significantly expanded access to education.

The effects of modern technology in today’s education are innumerable. Despite the numerous benefits, one is getting from the technology, there has been a dispute regarding the technology being a boon or bane to the students. This article helps one understand today’s reality in context to technology.

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Builds Interest

Earlier, gadgets were used by students only for games. But today, mobile applications do not only contain games but also learning apps. This initiates the students who have a special interest in any subject or field to engage themselves in building their knowledge related to that. Online learning builds the knowledge gap that students have among themselves.

What subject interests one might not necessarily interest the other. Fortunately, technology has provided numerous ways of learning a thing, as in, through games or quizzes one might feel interested to take part in and unknowingly engages in building himself/herself in the least interesting subject. Vedantu is one such platform where learning is made easier and fun for students. The special needs students also can engage themselves in fun learning activities.

Room for more

Wide range of information over the internet creates more room for creativity and the eagerness to learn in the students. The online tutoring or the ed-tech institutes allows students to access information from anywhere and anytime. Many services such as the dropbox, google drive, cloud storage etc allow the uploading of large information (of more data) with a huge number of students or people who are seeking for it.

For instance, the NCERT solutions that are available in pdf format are beneficiary for the students while preparing for their board or any competitive exams. Students are also able to stay in touch with the teachers for clearing their doubts, through apps that are exclusively created for that purpose or social media or video conference or skype etc where they can share knowledge in a more convenient way.

Learning diversity

Majority of the students find it boring when they have to hear lectures on any topic or subject for a longer period of time. But The learning tools like the animations or the visual or the audio stimulus, etc makes it more interesting for the students. This is an excellent blend of learning and fun that is resulting in more engagement of students and is effectively persuaded. This also helps for the people who find it hard to cope up with their classes and have dissimilar style of learning.


The assessment has been digitalized in most of the learning institutes. Students do not have to wait for hours or days to know their performance level after they take tests. They can now instantly access the knowledge base of their performance. The fact that the online tests are flexible and impartial makes it more stress-free for the students as they can adjust their time in the busy schedule they have and can take tests when they are ready for it.

Exposure to the real world

Books were the main source of knowledge in ancient days. In today’s technical world, people can have access to political issues and news regarding anything that is happening in any part of the world. Technology plays a huge role in spreading awareness and gives real exposure to the world. Modern technology allows students to use real-world problems as they can research real-issues happening related to the curriculum.

What can we infer from this article?

The above-given facts are sure to make one understand that technology is a blessing in many ways. If technology has evolved this much from no technicality, in the beginning, one can expect more to come in further years. The only reason why we see such a dispute in society regarding technology is due to its misuse.

Any good thing can be misused and it totally is a choice made by us – mere human beings. It is said that technology is a double edged sword it has the power to both build and enslave. Hence, one must make a dedicated choice to use the right resources in the right way to build oneself and the society around them, which indeed will result in building a great nation.