7 Innovative Ways to Use Smart Links – A 2024 Guide

If you did some research, you know that smart links are basically attachments that can be easily customized and that provide your users with URLs that are simple to understand and remember. They also direct users to the right pages, where they can find everything you do from your social media posts to specific categories on your site.

Although they can be added anywhere, you might be wondering about how you can make them creative and engaging. And, if you found yourself in this situation, the text below might be helpful. Now, before we take a look at those innovative strategies, let’s first take a look at what they are:


Simply said, smart links are shorter and they are created from terms that are simple to comprehend and remember. So, if you have a long section that you need to add such as https://www.thisisalonglink.com/2021/04/10/and-it-continues-to-be-quite-long-and-it-seems-like-it-is-never-ending/.

When you add this to a custom URL shortener, it automatically becomes shortened to, let’s say, “thisisalonglink/company”. They are extremely versatile and the opportunities are infinite. Although they are versatile, you can try implementing these creative methods for improving online presence:

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1. Allow All Your Posts to Have a Home


When you publish content on your social media pages, you probably want it to be compact and simple to memorize, right? Well, if this is your situation, you should definitely use the shorter options, which are shortened, hence, your consumers can memorize them without any problems. You can utilize a program that will scan the content and produce a short link that is quite clickable.

2. Give New URLs to Your Content

Imagine this circumstance – you want to create new links for a wide range of your content, so, you would have to sit down, write down all the ideas, and then check if there are available ones that you can utilize. But, with all the technological advancements, you can now simply copy & paste the long one to a program, and you’ll automatically gain distinct titles!


3. Easily Describe The Things You Are Offering

If you are having a difficult time with summarizing your posts – which can happen when you have to fit an entire page into a short term – you can choose to make shorter ones by using a specific program. If you are specifically interested in traffic routing an deep linking, you must try this strategy.

For example, deep linking is the utilization of a hyperlink that is connected to a specific page, so, users will get “https://test1.com/path/page”, instead of the home page which is “https://example.com/”. If you are interested in learning more about this, you can click here for more information.

4. Utilize Them to Raise Awareness

Whatever you post to your site or pages, a smart link will tell a story by making it convey specific and meaningful messages to your readers. Imagine you started a charity campaign. Your home page might be “healthisimportant.com”, but, if you want to convey an important message, you can do so by adding a meaningful message such as “healthisimportant.com/donate”.

This will definitely raise awareness and prompt people to donate money for a good cause. Additionally, they are readable and easy to share, hence, people might feel more encouraged to share your content, which can in return, reach more people causing your company to gain more users.


5. Make Your Company And Service Visible

If you choose to implement these connections, you’ll be able to promote your company, as well as what you are offering to people. This is something that is extremely useful, especially if you are starting an online marketing campaign and/or sales and promotions. An example of this would be if you chose one that directs people to a specific product and service you are offering.


6. Use Them For Implementing CTAs

As you know by now, these sections are directive, which means that you can implement CTAs. CTAs are calls to action that tells your users what they should do. So, if you want them to buy something, you can add phrases such as “Purchase Now”, “Message Us”, “Sign-up For Free”, and so on.

They need to be attention-grabbing and appealing to your audience, and if you do not implement smart links, your users will not read the entire thing, hence, not reading your call to action. Shorter ones will make it easy for them to understand the point, hence, raising the possibility of them accessing the page.

7. Easily Name Your Library Pages

It is quite difficult to name every single post on your website, however, what about the landing pages for your advertising campaigns? Just thinking about a unique, meaningful name can be complex, hence, one of the best things you can do is to run them through a program, and you’ll get shorter ones that your users will actually read and click.


Bonus Tips – It Tracks More Than The Number of Clicks

You have no idea how much insights you can gain from implementing shorter ones, especially when it comes to the metrics and data you can collect. Implementing them will allow you to learn a wide range of things including:

  1. The GEO Location – you’ll be able to know the location of your user.
  2. The Gender And Age – which is quite useful when you need to promote a specific service or product.
  3. The Carrier And Operating System – which can help you optimize your site in order for it to load better.
  4. The Device Used – which will again allow you to optimize your site.
  5. The Language – which can prompt you to add translations to your pages.

These things are all extremely useful, especially since you will know what people you can promote specific services or products too. Additionally, it allows you to optimize your website, which is quite important not only for your users but, for the SEO rankings as well.


As you can see, there is a wide range of innovative and creative strategies for implementing smart links. So, now that you know what you can do, as well as how you can benefit from it, do not lose any more time. Instead, start making your pages more interesting and fun for your users!