4 Tech Solutions For Customer Communication

The new global market has changed rapidly. This is all thanks to the emergence of new and innovative technology.

The best example of these changes is the way businesses communicate with their customers. No matter the location of your office, you can now communicate to any of your clients in any part of the world.

However, with the number of features and options available, it becomes difficult to choose or determine the best options. As the rise in options doesn’t eliminate the need to look for effective ways, you must understand what your company offers to the market. This shows you what tech solutions to invest more time and money in.

Using new tech innovations to connect and get in touch with your customers is necessary to boost your customer base. To help you understand, here are some tech solutions to connect and interact with your customer base:

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1. Cloud-Based Text Messaging

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Although message sending has been around since the invention of cellular phones, it has been upgraded to become more innovative.

The best example of these changes is the way businesses communicate with their customers. No matter the location of your office, you can now communicate to any of your clients in any part of the world. With http://www.kall8.com/business-texting, for example, you can set up a customer service line with multiple connections that reduce delays.

With such, you’ll be directly communicating with your target audience. The target can be based on age, lifestyle, and gender. This ensures your product or company details and promotion are received by the right people.

Here are some ways you can use cloud-based text messaging:

  • With business text messaging, you can offer special promotions and deal with immediate concerns.
  • For companies that don’t need to sell promotions, you can inform customers of their transactions. Also, you can send messages reminding customers or clients of their dues and the changes to their accounts.
  • Other delivery companies incorporate SMS messaging as well as application messaging. This allows the company to inform the customer of the current status of their orders or deliveries. Others embed it into their work system, sending messages to their phones. These messages vary from reminders on meetings with their clients and notifications on clients’ special days.
  • Your customers will appreciate and engage with you more if you acknowledge occasions in their personal lives with simple greetings on those days.

2. Website

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Another tech solution you should have is a website. Nowadays, businesses have websites to cater to their customer’s needs.

With a website, you can clearly communicate with customers who are more likely to use the Internet to search for products or services they need. Thus, you can use it to post content on how your products or services can help them.

No longer do they need to go to your office or talk to your customer service agents for trivial things as they can find what they’re looking for on your website.

Here are some of the many ways you can communicate with your customers through your website:

  • Use Forms: Now, you can automate forms for your customers. When they need to book your services or buy your products, provide them simple contact forms. That way, they can enter their information without the hassle of writing and sending you their intent of doing business with you. For instance, if you offer catering services, they can easily fill up forms that can give you an idea how you can help them.
  • Offer Instant Chat: If your customers need to talk to an agent, you can also embed chatbots or instant chat onto your website. That way, they can simply type the questions and wait for your instant agents’ reply. With such, they can easily find answers even without browsing your website.

3. Newsletter

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Most importantly, you can also use newsletters to provide your customers updates on your business. Newsletters can detail current plans and recent changes to the business while offering special promotions.

Instead of traditional newsletters that are in print, you can now easily send newsletters through email or post them on your site.

What gives a newsletter the edge isn’t simply sending it. The edge is the content. Because different types of individuals receive it, you must know the demographic you’re targeting and your current readers to ensure you have relevant and useful content.

Start your newsletter with a properly laid out index showing the contents of the newsletter. This allows your consumers to know what they can expect from such. You can either direct them to the ads and promotions or to news and information about your business.

You can also use the newsletter to give information on product prices, promo codes, and schedules.

4. Social Media

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However, with social media remaining as king of interaction, it’s essential to incorporate links and social media functionality on your website and newsletters. As a result, you can establish faster interaction and communication between the brand and the customers.

Besides, with social media functionality, you can spread the information to your friends and colleagues, providing relevant information to your customer base while widening your reach.

You can also post information about your promo or new products on your social media accounts. That way, you can regularly update your customers who are more into using social media platforms.

You can even use social media to communicate with customers. For instance, they can easily reach you on the messaging app of the social media platform. You can check the messages real-time and reply to them ASAP, especially if the needs or queries are urgent. That way, you won’t lose potential customers because you responded immediately.


Using tech solutions to communicate with your customers will help your business grow exponentially. As communication can either make or break a sale, it’s important that your customers can reach you on various platforms. Communication is the key, regardless if you use text messages, social media, or your website.

If you have to offer new products, services, promos, discounts, and the like, using various communication tools will make it easier. Don’t be outdated. Consider any or all of the tech solutions above.