Intelligrated Systems: Boost Your Warehouse Functionality

Optimizing the warehouse functionality constantly is central to boosting productivity and reducing wastage. Various complex operations are carried out simultaneously in warehouses. While it is essential to optimize warehouse functionality, determining which area to be focused upon is a complex task. Recent developments in technology, including automation in every sector, have had a significant impact on warehouses as well.

To improve productivity, various warehouses are now employing sophisticated technology like AI and machine learning. To constantly evaluate your system processes and identify bottlenecks at a stage is a prerequisite to ensure maximized productivity. To help you analyze and enhance your warehouse functionality, we have rounded up a couple of things for you to note and improve upon.

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1. Recruit skilled workforce


Rather than hiring and training the unskilled workforce, put significant effort and time into recruiting a skillful workforce. Efficient recruitment processes can cut on both hiring and training costs which saves up a lot that can be diverted to other useful means to boost productivity and functionality.

Generally, various tactics can help you find and recruit a skilled workforce for your warehouse. For instance, connect with some industrial organizations, allowing you to interact with young, skillful workers. You can also increase your chances of finding the right workforce by regularly joining job fairs and other related events.
By hiring skilled workers, you may be able to streamline warehouse operations and improve your organization’s overall productivity. However, although a skilled workforce can assist you in kick-starting the production activities, you may still have to invest significant amounts in upgrading their skills regularly to match up with the increase in demand and supply. Instead of focusing on long training periods, opt for regular short training periods to save time and avoid interruptions in warehouse functions. Gosrsi and Honeywell integrated help in complementing and optimizing the workforce with their automated systems and processes that assist in boosting the functionality of the warehouse. You can visit the SRSI website to learn more about Honeywell intelligent software.

2. Efficient space utilization

Expansion costs can be avoided by utilizing the available square footage efficiently. Expanding the available space vertically while adding the right equipment and storage units will go a long way in optimizing the expansion costs and boosting your warehouse functionality without adding up costs. This is a wise way to avoid wastage as well. Instead of expanding the warehouse in the same style, deploy storage units according to the need of the hour by carefully analyzing the available space.

Moreover, you can ensure efficient use of warehouse space by using trailers as temporary storage for short-term, seasonal products. You can also make the most out of underutilized space. For example, you can utilize the extra space above shipping doors to place pallet racks of slow-moving supplies. On the other hand, putting up a mezzanine above the receiving area may also be an excellent option.

3. Leadership


Constant monitoring and supervision are essential to categorize and carry out functions efficiently. Capable leaders keep the work on track by meticulously planning, managing, and monitoring the processes. They also supervise the processes to deliver quality results on time. Warehouses with able leaders and supervises will be ahead of their requirements and easily deliver their supplies on time.

4. Reduce labor costs

Labor is the primary capital of the warehouse. While avoiding labor costs is not feasible, cutting down on unnecessary labor costs can be attainable with proper planning and analysis. Labor costs make up a huge chunk of the working capital of the warehouses. Paying less is not an option but taking a wise decision of idle employees who are not contributing to the profits is essential to cut down unnecessary costs. Besides cleverly cutting down on labor costs, you can also focus on employee retention. As has been mentioned above, it is less of a hassle to train an already skilled worker than to hire and train a new one from the beginning. This, in turn, again cuts down on a lot of costs. Keep updating your workforce constantly to the industry needs and standards to enhance the functionality and raise the standards. Another wise option is to offer cross-training on new technologies and procedures to improve productivity.

5. Technology


Adopt enabling technology. Right usage of the right equipment can drastically boost the functionality of the warehouse. Enabling technology and a skilled workforce is a winning combination. For example, an efficient Warehouse Management System (WMS) can assist in optimizing the processes. The system can also assist in guiding through automatic sharing of data regarding pick lists to reduce wastage of both time and paper. Automation of process and digitization of records make your warehouse greener and neater. Employing RFID can improve transaction experiences and reduce errors.

A great Warehouse Management System (WMS) solution like the one from Logiwa can help your warehouse handle materials more effectively and productively. With proper material handling, you can safeguard the integrity of your goods/products, ensure your warehouse’s overall productivity, and boost your workers’ mental and physical health.
Also, if your warehouse deals with a large volume of stocks, you can benefit from a WMS by efficiently storing and retrieving supplies from a specific location. Consequently, you can organize the warehouse more intelligently.

6. Organize workstations

Eliminate clumsy working environments rather than organize workstations efficiently. Categorize and organize workstations according to the work to be carried out and the tools and equipment needed by the employees. This way, employees don’t have to search for the right tools each time. These small things eat up a lot of time. And organizing accordingly can reduce the clumsiness hence, helping the employees find the right equipment without any struggle and putting maximum focus on the work and productivity. Use the “5S” strategy, that is, Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain to reduce clutter, errors, and mistakes. This, in turn, improves productivity and enhances the safety of processes.

Boosting warehouse functionality is about clever usage of space, equipment, labor, and capital. Follow these simple steps to increase the focus on your functionality and see instant results. Gosrsi and Honeywell integrated have come together to provide their customers with diverse customizable options in conveyor systems for their warehouses. Both the industry leaders are already well-recognized, trusted, and deft in their sphere of areas. With the same expertise and experience, SRSI and Honeywell integrated are determined to employ their automated conveyor and sortation systems.