10 Interior Design Tips To Style The Perfect Bedroom

Bedroom – the place where the magic happens, or so they like to say so. It’s hard to imagine anything magical happening in there if it looks like a chaotic mess. The bedroom should be a peaceful place, somewhere in your home where you go to relax and unwind. Just having a bed is not enough for a room to be a bedroom. So, what else is there? Let’s find out.

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1. Go Subtle With The Colour

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There are a lot of myths about the colour of your walls and what they should be for every room in your house. One of the most common ones is to paint your bedroom a vibrant red – so it brings out the passion in you. We strongly disagree with that. You should look for a calm, toned-down colour palette for the walls. Use neutral colours like white or creams, or gentles tones of green, orange, blue or lavender. If you really wish to add more colour to your bedroom, you can always add some pillows or artwork to make it pop.

2. Ceiling Matters

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Most people often forget about the fifth wall in the room – the ceiling. Most of us have moments when we lie in bed and just stare at the ceiling and more often than not there’s not a lot to see there. You can leave the ceiling white if that’s what you want, but we’d recommend experimenting a little bit. Maybe paint it a lighter version of the wall colour or add some soft, subtle patterns.

3. Keep It Simple

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A bedroom should give out relaxing and comforting vibes. For that reason, keep things cosy and simple – don’t clutter it with unnecessary stuff. There are only a few necessities – a bed, bedside tables, a chair and finally a dresser. Anything other than that you just don’t need. You should move freely through your bedroom, so make sure you pay attention to the positioning of your furniture. There should be enough space, 2 to 3 feet, between all elements for you to move easily.

4. Pick The Right Furniture

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When buying furniture, you have to consider the size of the room. For a smaller space, don’t buy a king-sized bed with large headboard and massive frame – it’s going to swallow the whole place up. Think about how will it all look when put together. For spacious, master bedrooms, you can always add an ottoman or an extra dresser to fill up space. Small accessories don’t work in large spaces and vice versa. Think about that before you go furniture shopping.

5. Don’t Forget About Storage Space

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Storage space is often overlooked, but it really shouldn’t be. the more space you have to put things in, the less cluttered will the room look. Bedside tables shouldn’t be without drawers which you can use to keep your books, reading glasses, phone charger or anything you might need before you go to sleep. Don’t forget about the bed. Find one with large drawers so you can have a place for sheets, blankets or pillows. According to nfoutlet, the most popular beds are the ones with hidden storage space, both underneath and in the headboard.

6. Have Multiple Light Sources

Since we spend most of our time in the bedroom in the dark, we don’t really think about the lights. It’s either a bedside lamp or an overhead light. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that in particular, but many would advise adding some layers to your lightning. As an addition to overhead, ceiling light, you can have a small, bedside lamp, perhaps a floor lamp by the dresser, a reading light, pendant light and so on.

7. Soften It

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As a centrepiece, your bed is the focal point of the room. More often than not, it’s the only ‘soft’ piece of furniture in the room. It’s surrounded by wooden bedside tables and dressers. That makes the room feel a little bit uneven and ideally, you’d like to avoid that. For that reason, a couple of additional ‘soft’ pieces should be added to the room. For instance, you could cover the windows with large drapes, place a beautiful, soft rug by the bed and add some pillows or blankets. That should be enough to even out the look.

8. Add A Nook

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Having a small nook where you can sit and relax, maybe do a little bit of reading or listening to some of your favourite tunes can be a great addition to every bedroom. You don’t need much. A place by the window, or by a floor lamp, if you don’t have any space by the window is all you need. A simple chair, a couple of blankets or a plush pillow should be more than enough. There’s just something soothing about sitting curled up in a blanket and reading your favourite book, isn’t it?

9. Buy Quality Sheets

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Luxurious, soft to touch fabrics are what will set your bedroom apart from any other room in the house. It’s the final step, the ultimate touch of comfort. There’s nothing more important than quality sheets and linens. What you need to buy are 100 cotton or linen sheets with high thread counts. If possible, wash and press your sheets professionally – it doesn’t cost much, but it adds a whole another dimension to your room.

Silk sheets are also a good way to go, but they can get a little bit expensive and possibly troublesome. Because, many would say that once you lie in silk sheets, there’s no coming back from it.

For accessories like pillows, cover blankets, drapes, rugs – just go as soft as you can. Cashmere blankets for your nook are always a welcome addition.

10. No TV

Finally, our last piece of advice would be to lose the TV in the bedroom. You might like to doze off while watching a TV show, but there are much better alternatives. You could read a book, listen to an audiobook or a podcast. If you need background noise, there are great white noise machines you can use to replace a TV set.

Hopefully, some of these tips will come in handy one day you decide to redecorate or if you move into another house.