Top 9 Interior Design Trends for 2024

Want to build a more beautiful home? Are you tired of the 2-star Yelp reviews? Do you want the modern look and feel of granite countertops and crown moldings, but have no need for hardwood floors and granite countertops? Or perhaps you’d like the look and feel of hardwood and oak so much that you’d love to take it to the next level? If so, you’ll want to check out these 9 interior design trends for 2024.

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1. Nordic Designs

According to interior design company Object Space Place, from the light wooden furniture to the minimalist textiles, Nordic designs can have a tremendous influence on your décor, and this will likely not change anytime soon. The good thing about Nordic style is that it takes into consideration functionality to ensure beauty throughout.

Natural material, clean lines, and cozy textiles are all crucial for pulling off the Nordic trend. Nordic designs work excellently both in residential and commercial settings. Nowadays, it’s even extremely popular in restaurant design.

2. Neo Mint

If you want to keep in tabs with the green theme, then you’ll need to consider the term “neo mint” since the experts in interior design, project that this shade of green will be present everywhere this year.

Commonly described as an ‘oxygenating tone harmonising science with nature’ neo mint most definitely sounds appealing to any individual. Irrespective of how you may want to it – whether to repaint your chest of drawers or on the walls of your room – neo mint is something that will make your home in 2024, glamorous.

3. Glass + concrete

From R & B to heavy metal, modern architects are known to always be pushing the envelope. Today, a glass facade is the new shining wonder on the block. It’s easily-removable, like a flag on a wall, and may in fact be cleaner, smarter and less expensive to maintain. It may even prevent the sprawl that makes modern living in cities more problematic.

Why choose a concrete cell block or hard-surface parking lot when you can have a glass enclosure for a dollar per square foot (and you’ll actually get the look)? If you’re looking for an interior design trend for the decade of 2024, look no further than the shiny technology.

4. Sustainability

Just like the fashion industry, many people are searching for well-crafted, quality designs that have the desired longevity. When selecting items for your living room this year, do not automatically go for the cheapest options.

Make sure you look around for furniture pieces that are going to last, and to do that, you need to treat your purchases as forms of investment. Sustainability is an increasing necessity this year, and it is a key trend for your home and furniture.

5. Natural Vibes

Eco-friendly and sustainability items are quite popular with this trend for 2024. When you are thinking of getting a sustainable and eco-friendly product, look for one with handcrafted design, and go for the traditional and organic materials such as wood, brick and stone, glass, and rattan and wicker.

These are all home décor materials that offer longevity as well as natural aesthetics. According to experts, this trend is all about making natural products appear effortlessly stylish.

6. Transformative Designs

The personal touch comes into play when working with car interiors. While the rise of a more interactive environment for commuters has caused more families to opt for more personalized touches to their car interiors, a more modern, functional approach is becoming more common.

Today’s interior designers are taking cues from new technologies and trend trends and integrating them with traditional design traditions. Take for example the integration of electronic devices in car interiors such as augmented reality or the smart car with a smart phone.

7. Minimal Design

As homes continue getting smaller in regards to square footage, it means homeowners need to be creative and smart with their interiors. When done the right way, minimalist interiors are here to stay this 2024.  To attain this look for your living room, you need to choose neutral furnishings and colours for your wall, and get rid of the excess clutter. Additionally, you will need to punctuate your home with a grand or colourful statement to make it more attractive. Scandinavian interior design is also a great alternative if you want to have a clean and minimalist look with a hint of earthy tones. Check out Beautiful Homes to learn more about this popular interior design theme.

Note some interior designers are not interested in trends, and instead, concentrate on creating a great working space that fits your style. If you are not sure of your own preferences, then we highly recommend getting an interior design consultation. A client could learn a lot about how you live and can share their own thoughts as well.

8. Meshing flooring and architectural details

The open floor plan of a home is a marked hallmark for a good interior. However, some architects have gone a step further by integrating its features in such a way that the space takes on a fluid and harmonious shape.

The definition of meshing flooring is an interlocking series of surfaces that bring together a flowing form of a floor. Interior design firms working with the movement of surfaces have been involved in this design for some years now!

9. Themes in the Design

Luxury and a sophisticated appearance are the main factors that will drive the upscale interior design trend for 2024. Since décor is based on items from all over the world, design rules will be applied to make the internal space as modern as possible.

Final Word

The above are the 9 top interior design trends for 2024. While these are by no means conclusive, they are things you may want to consider. Nevertheless, you need to remember that interior design is more about your personal preferences and style, so it’s imperative to go with what you love. So you can make advanced designer decisions and not rely solely on fad, consider taking up an Interior Design Master’s Degree at National Design Academy. The most important thing is to have a design philosophy that fits your personality, so pick your style and go!

You should also keep in mind that the biggest increase in demand for contemporary interior design would come from demographics that tend to be less interested in classic, neo-traditional living. Millennials love micro-living and next-gen comfort in the home, which is creating the biggest demand for next-gen home designs. We will address these people in another post. To view more interior design trends in 2024, check out Swiss Interior to get more ideas and inspirations today!