8 Best Winter Clothing Brands for Women in 2024

Wintertime is always connected with warm and snuggly clothes. As new materials are being developed, more and more fashion brands are stepping up their game and making fashionable jackets that can be worn on different occasions. Since the variety is enormous it can be difficult to pick and choose clothes that will suit your needs. Hopefully, this list will provide you with ideas about where to seek winter clothes that are both fashionable and warm.

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1. Eddie Bauer


One of the most frequently picked by the customers is definitely Eddie Bauer jackets. The reason for this is the great quality of the materials used in production, and as well as the models that are suitable for any occasion.

 It is essential for women to have a jacket that can be incorporated in the existing wardrobe and that can be used on different occasions, from a casual walk to a business meeting, Eddie Bauer has seen this as an opportunity to create multifunctional models that can be worn all the time.

2. The North face


The name does suggest that they do manufacture warm clothes. If you are more of a winter sport kinda girl, this is an excellent choice. Materials used are very light, breathable and yet very light, so they are perfect for all winter sports.

Even though they do make models that are more on the sports side, they can be nicely incorporated with the existing wardrobe, although you cannot just mix that jacket with high heels and couture. For more casual outfits, this brand will do very well.

3. L.L. Bean


If you’re fond of wool coats then L.L. Bean is an excellent choice for you. With smooth lines and quality rich materials, giving a very luxurious look and can be a great accessorize in the wintertime outfit. This is especially important if you are dressing to impress.

With coats from this brand, you will for sure be noticed and be perceived as very polished. Classic coats made of wool are always an excellent choice since they provide comfort, warmth and take the look on to the whole new level.

4. Canada goose


This brand is well known for many things; they have a very long history of making winter jackets and they are always picked by customers for their quality. They use natural materials and special ways of production of jackets and coats are providing buyers with protection on the coldest days during winter.

Not only that they produce a jacket that will prevent you from feeling the cold, but they also have a huge range of models, from the sport ones to the ones that are very fashionable and can be worn on special occasions. All of the mentioned led to the great popularity of the brand amongst the customers. If you would like to see what they have to offer, check out 24s.com and see the newest models of jackets and coats.

5. Columbia


For the ones that prefer sports look Columbia is a great choice. Not only that you can find jackets and parkas, but you can also find shoes for the winter.

This brand is very popular in people who love to spend time outdoors during wintertime and enjoy the snow. With clothes and shoes made from light and warm material, which will keep you warm and dry during wintertime, you can see why this brand is so popular amongst women.

6. Adidas


While in the field of sportswear, Adidas did step up their game and manufactured a lot of products for the winter. Not only that they made progress in the production processes but as well in the materials used and models that they made.

This led to an increase in sales since customers recognized the diversity and quality of it. Jackets and boots are made from impenetrable materials, allowing your skin to breathe and making sure you stay warm and dry during different outdoor conditions. One of the top things is that materials are made to be windproof, guarantying you will enjoy your outdoor activities even if it is windy. Even though they are making clothes and shoes that are more on the sports side, trends nowadays do allow mixing different styles bravely and more and more women pick this brand as the one to keep them warm during long, cold winter days.

7. Nordstrom


Nordstrom Ellen Tracy’s brand models are very interesting since they are very cozy and yet can be incorporated in a strict business outfit. Made from carefully picked materials such as wool and artificial fur, they promise to keep you warm in the winter, while being an excellent addition to the outfits on a lot of occasions, from casual to formal. Not only that these coats are fashionable, but they are as well affordable. This variety in combining coats from this brand has led to the increased popularity of the brand.

8. Everlane


For the ones that are conscious about nature, this is an excellent choice. Made cruelty free with ethics on their minds, these coats are increasing in popularity. Models are very classical, with straight lines, one row of buttons and two pockets, making it perfect for business occasions as well as date nights and casual strolls in the snow.

If you pick this one, you will, for sure, feel snuggly during all of these events, while you look the best possible. With a price range that is not too high, they give an excellent ratio of price and quality, being affordable yet giving a luxurious look to the one who is wearing it.



When it comes to winter wear, many women tend to be devastated since, as they say, they cannot express themselves due to the dullness of the clothes. This is why many brands have stepped up their game and made clothes that are expressive and add to the variety of choices.

The primary goal is to provide warmth and comfort to the ones wearing the clothes. Many brands did turn to make gear for outdoor activities and winter sports, but there are others that turned towards classic wool coats that are very popular amongst women. Hopefully, this list has helped you pick your next winter jacket, coat or both.