IPTV is Changing the Television Experience: How?

IPTV is changing the television industry and the way viewers consume video content. It provides a more flexible and convenient viewing experience. People are more satisfied with the multiple capabilities that IPTV services offer them.

Also, MSO and ISP providers start offering IPTV services. IPTV solutions for operators can also be profitable. Many switch from traditional cable or satellite television to internet-based video streaming services.

So, how is IPTV changing the viewing experience? Let’s delve into details.

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How is IPTV changing the viewing experience?


#1 IPTV operates on multiple platforms and devices

IPTV application development is in demand among companies and viewers. People appreciate applications because they allow them to watch videos on any device they have, including smartphones, Smart TVs, laptops, and tablets. And businesses launch applications because they bring them viewers and revenue. It is a win-win situation!

Cable or satellite television operates only on a TV set, while an IPTV service usually offers multi-platform functionality. The whole family can stop fighting over a remote control and watch videos using a gadget each one has.

So, viewers don’t need to buy devices to access your content. They can use the one they already have.

#2 An IPTV platform offers monetization capabilities


This point can be appreciated by businesses. IPTV platform providers can choose the way they will monetize their video content. There are three common revenue-generating models:

  • Advertising-based model. More often, platforms using that model don’t charge a fee from viewers, but they take money from businesses that want to advertise on their platform. They “sell” the audience to these companies. Sometimes, advertisement-based platforms offer two package options for users – they either pay more and watch videos without ads or pay less and watch videos with ads.
  • Subscription-based model. It is a popular model. If you heard of Netflix, you heard of a subscription-based model. People pay once in a period and get unlimited access to your content. They can cancel the subscription anytime they want.
  • Pay-per-view model. It is a model when a viewer purchases one piece of content and watches only it. They gain access only to the video they want to watch now, and the rest of the content remains inaccessible.

Some IPTV solutions can offer you to monetize content in only one way. But some solutions maintain all three models. For example, Setplex is such a solution.

#3 IPTV services allow you to stand out from the crowd


Every business can generate more revenue by offering a video streaming service. For example, if you are a fitness center, you have customers coming to your location. You can launch a video streaming platform, create videos with exercises or other topics related to your business, and sell people access to your videos. It will be an additional revenue stream for you.

It can be the platform that will help you spread your brand name. You can also have more customers coming to your location due to your video streaming service.

And it refers not only to the fitness industry but also to educational centers, entertainment, churches, news, and governments.

Final Thoughts

IPTV platforms are changing the television industry. They change the way people consume media, businesses earn their money, and movie makers promote their artworks.

They offer more convenience and flexibility. People don’t need to wait for a video to air to watch it as IPTV services offer a lot of on-demand video content. Viewers can consume content on any device they have and are comfortable using. IPTV services adapt to the gadget requirements, and viewers can watch videos even in 4K.