IPTV vs Xfinity Subscriptions Comparisons

Xfinity and IPTV are extremely popular right now when it comes to having digital access to cable. They are just a pleasure to use, and since you have so many cool features, it can be great to access and provide everything powerfully and easily than ever before.

Xfinity solutions and pricing

The Xfinity subscriptions are pretty easy to understand at first. And that’s because they have 4 packages that cost incrementally more based on the features you want to have. The starter package is named Digital Economy, it costs $29.99 and it includes around 100+ channels such as the most popular channels like AMC, History, A&E as well as Comedy Central.

For Digital Starter you will have to pay up to $39.99 and you will get 140+ ch annels, with some of the inclusions here being Bravo, ESPN, HGTV and Nickelodeon, among others.


When you go with Digital Preferred you have more than 220 channels but that will cost you up to $69.99. And the full 260+ channel package named Digital Premier will give you quite a lot of stuff including Starz and HBO, all for $84.99 per month. It’s quite a lot, which is why a lot of people might dislike this solution a tiny bit.


IPTV costs $29.99 and you can get 2000+ premium and standard channels. This solution is really comprehensive and you have immediate access to all the stuff you need in no time. There are thousands of TV shows and movies you can access, and as a whole, the packages you get are quite professional and full of content. You do get what you pay for, and so much more in most situations too.


The streaming experience with IPTV is spectacular, we never had any issues, and the system they use for streaming is second to none. It’s adaptable to your own needs, and you can always continue to optimize it and adapt it to the requirements in any way that you want. It’s certainly worth the time and effort, and you get to have all of that without any worries.

Since you have high-quality content all the time and countless HD channels, you can channel surf as you see fit. You also have international channels, something that XFINITY does not have.


Which one is the best?

Tvipbox is quite inexpensive, and it’s also offering a lot of content. While Comcast is more popular, it does come with a way higher price point if you want to get everything. And that’s why you need to assess exactly what you want and figure out the exact set of features and ideas that you need.

Overall, IPTV is a great option if you want quality for the money and it does adapt and adjust things at your own pace. It’s certainly worth checking out especially if you want a powerful and reliable subscription system. Of course, they can all improve, but at the price points, they are offering right now IPTV is the clear winner.