Is Espresso Better Than Other Coffee Drinks?

It’s not as simple to just compare one with the other and tell you which drink is better, it is subjective, although we can help you have a better understanding of coffee drinks and then you can decide which is better or worse. Most of the coffee drinkers in this world can tell you that espresso and coffee are two different types of drinks, but do you really know the differences between these two?

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Differences between espresso and coffee

 Brewing process

Most people are familiar with the process of making coffee. Although there are more than a few ways to do it: percolated, French press, drip coffee, and much more, but there’s no need in naming them all. All of these are easy enough to be made in your home with the right appliances.

Drinking espresso at home used to be impossible since the cost of an espresso machine was simply too expensive for a normal household, but today at-home espresso machines are now becoming more common and affordable. This kind of machine is essential to make real espresso. Espresso machines can reach high pressures to heat the water while regular coffee pots cannot. Also, these machines usually come with their own grinder built into them, so using whole grain coffee might bring to a much tastier drink.

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Amounts of caffeine

There’s a common misconception that you are consuming more caffeine when drinking espresso when compared to coffee. It really depends on the quantity you are drinking.

An average cup of regular drip coffee will always have more caffeine than a small shot of espresso. Usually, an 8oz cup of coffee contains about 95-175mg of caffeine and a small shot of espresso (which is about 1oz) contains about 40-75mg. While it is true that the concentration in espresso is higher per ounce than coffee-you still get a lot less caffeine than when drinking a regular cup of coffee. Although, if you are drinking 4-5 espresso drinks in a day, (which you shouldn’t be doing by the way) you are definitely getting more caffeine than any coffee drink. For more information about stack caffeine check Vivarin.

The taste

Most people say that the main difference between coffee and espresso is the taste. Meaning you should be able to differentiate these drinks just by having one sip of them.

Espresso has a roasted, bitter and sometimes chocolatey taste, to put it simply, espresso tastes as what your whole grain beans smell like. A lot of people prefer this taste because of the much stronger and bolder taste over coffee drip. People also argue that the main reason drip coffee loses its taste is because of the drainage through the coffee filter.

This information should help you to choose what type of coffee drink is for you. If you are interested in a stronger and darker taste of coffee, go with the espresso. If you want a wide variety of coffee tastes then go with the drip method and experiment with different brands and grounds until you get the taste you are looking for.

In the end, it is a subjective matter and it is up to you to decide which drink is better.