Kayaking – Best Places for Paddling like A Pro

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If you are a lover of adventure sports, Kayaking can be a thrilling experience for you. There are a few of the best places across the world that add extra fun to this amazing water sport.

On one hand, these places allow you to paddle like a pro and inspire you to explore more for Kayaking.

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On the other hand, it lets you know the wide variations for practicing this highly attractive water sport.

You can find some of the amazing hidden places with geographical variations. Some water bodies are completely secluded in between the dense rain forests while some are located amongst the natural beauty of snow-capped mountains.

World’s Best Places for Experiencing Kayaking

The destinations discussed in the blog can prove to be the ultimate Kayaking trips for you. White water, scenic beauty, and soulful nature will certainly push you more towards this adventurous sport.

1. Nepal


Paradise of the Himalayas in Nepal is one of the finest holiday destinations for Kayaking.

If you want to make a half-day paddling run at upper seti of Pokhara or wish to explore paddling for multiple days, Nepal offers it all. The Everest region of Himalayan ranges makes you available with several destinations for paddling like a pro.

You would enjoy even more if you visit Nepal during the white water festival. It is a trip organized by Nepalis Rafting Association every year.

Here, you can enjoy with other paddlers during the trip and have an authentic experience for this exciting water sport.

2. Norway


Norway is the best place to experience Kayaking. The availability of fjords, coastal areas, and rivers makes Norway a suitable destination for the Kayakers of different levels.

You can begin your Kayaking trip from the west at fjord sail through Oslo, take a halt at the coastal town of Helgeland, and then proceed towards Hidra Island.

It is the one and only place across the globe with grading X for Kayaking. You would certainly enjoy the rapids and the drops.

3. Zambezi


Zambezi River is famous for its high volume, white water, enormous, frequent rapids, drops, and waves. One can see this destination in almost all the famous Kayaking videos.

The river making the tangent with one of the Seven Wonders of the World, i.e., The Victoria Falls make an exceptional journey for Kayaking lovers. You can make your journey more luxurious if you en route Zambian side of the Victoria Fall and plan a halt at Islands of Siankaba.

4. The United States of America


In the U.S.A, there are multiple destinations for Kayaking that allows you for all the styles of paddling. Whether you like to go with high raise rapids, freestyle, classic run, or epic creeks. Everything is possible at different Kayaking destinations in the U.S.A.

Some of the famous Kayaking holiday destinations in the U.S.A include Colorado, West Virginia, Payette, Virginia, and Middle Salmon.

Being at Glacier Bay of Alaska, you can sail in between the temperate rain forest, snow-capped mountains, deepest fjords, and also the wildest coastlines. Paddling amongst the massive glaciers at a place with human solitude, you can feel the extreme wildness associated with Kayaking.

5. New Zealand

New Zealand is truly the adventurous paradise of this globe. If you want to go with grade two Kayaking or want to paddle like a pro for grade 5+, everything is feasible in New Zealand.


Some of the famous Kayaking destinations of New Zealand include –

●        North Island:

Here one can experience a real rainforest feeling as the river finds its way through tree-lined gorges.

●       South Island:

The destination with Alpine Mountains, valleys, and rolling hills is an ultimate place for Kayaking runs.

●       Kaikoura:

This coastal town in New Zealand allows you one of the finest Kayaking sail. Here, paddling with dolphins and whales adds more thrill to your Kayaking journey.

6. The French Alps


Are you a Kayaker Beginner? Or you can paddle like a Kayaking Pro.

French Alps have a relevant playground for all. Here you can find the different size of rivers with the varied volume of water and the intensity of water flow.

It makes the place suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced Kayaking paddlers. If you want to go for more challenging trips, you can opt to visit Swiss, Austrian, and the Italian Alps.

7. Canada


In Canada, one can have the best padding experience amidst, whales, black bears, eagles, river otters, and porpoises.

The Northern coast of Vancouver Island is one amongst the top ten destinations of the world for Kayaking.

It offers adventurous rides in an area that is surrounded by wildlife, challenging passageways, and gives you a chance to paddle in one of the most remote areas.

So if you are a person looking for a unique experience of Kayaking, you shall certainly visit this place.

8. Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, Europe


The Adriatic sea gives you an opportunity to experience the calmness of water during summer and the warmth of the sea during winters.

It is one amongst the most serene places for paddling. Elaphiti Island helps you to explore the mainland of Croatia and also experience the Kayak Sea parallelly. At Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, you can experience paddling at islands, in between caves, and also experience various inlets. You can find several islands that have been Inhabitat for hundreds of years.

When you are in Sipan, you can find beautiful olive orchids, and huge vineyards surrounding the water. This place in southern Europe can give you a paddling trip with the most exciting experience.

In a Nutshell


If you like to explore the most suitable places for Kayaking and want to travel to some of the top destinations, the blog details it all.

Visting each of the above-mentioned Kayaking destinations, you would certainly add to the best-experiences of your life.

Every destination is different from another offer you the multiple grades of difficulties and challenges.

These top destinations of Kayaking have something in the box for the learners as well as the experts. If you like to add thrill to your life and holidays, you must add these places to your travel list.