Knights of Sidonia Season 3 – 2024 Storyline, Cast, Dates, Facts

Wait no more! The Knights of Sidonia are back, bringing a Movie this time. This Sci-fi series is a much loved and awaited package of surprises. From leaving its viewers with the exhilarating space adventure and a romance to root for in the previous seasons, the creators have wrapped it up quite neatly this time.

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A Peek Into The Storyline


The point in time where the two-season left us was when Humans have left Earth, after being destroyed by Guana who are shapeshifting creatures. The last humans left are aboard the ship Sidonia and the Guana have attacked them, while it is up to Nagate Tanizaki, the protagonist, who is a brave pilot, and his friends to save them all.

The film has delivered several emotional scenes as well along with the war scenes between the Knights of Sidonia and the Guanas. Nagate’s past story has also come forth along with the other Knight about how they left their homes and ran for their lives, which touches a raw nerve in the viewer.

The source of this animated series is the anime manga comics by Japanese author Tsutomu Nihei and it is much speculated that the movie is close to the storyline.

With a runtime of 1 hour 50 minutes, this much-awaited sequel is a treat for sore eyes, if you are an anime fan.

The Cast


The actor responsible for bringing alive the powerful character of Nagate Tanikaze is Ryota Osaka in the original version while Johnny Young Bosch has voiced him in the English one.

Furthermore, Aya Suzaki has lent her voice to the character of Shizuka Hoshiziro, Aki Toyosaki has played the role of Izana Shinatose, and Yuuto Suzuki and Doug Erholtz have voiced Izumo Midorikawa in the original and Dubbed version respectively.

The version aired on Netflix has been dubbed in English for worldwide viewership.

When Was The Release


This popular manga sequel has been released as a full-fledged movie in the form of Knights of Sidonia: Love Woven in the Stars in place of a season.

It was released on the 4th of June this year, much to the delight of its fandom, on Netflix. So, go on, finish it!

Things You May Want To Know About Knights of Sidonia Season 3


Hiroyuki Seshita, who has directed this series, has speculated making the third season for 3 Years. They have also added that there might be a different ending to it from the manga version.
On the cast front, there has been an addition of four new people for the Season 3 version aka the movie.

Final Words

To sum it up, if you are a Sci-fi lover and can’t resist Anime and if you are in a mood to see a beautiful journey of a rising star along with some ample doses of action and war scenes in between then the Knights of Sidonia are the best choice for your time.

As for the ones who were waiting for the closing for years, it is a treat and it is out! So, go have a watch.