Know the History of Electronic Bills

There are thousands of electronic transactions that have been carried out to date and the number continues to grow and there are also many companies that benefit from implementing this billing model.

But for all this, do you know what motivation to promote electronic invoicing? The main ones are as follows:

– Fight tax evasion
– Protect the environment
– Promoting efficiency in business processes, which means real savings for those who adopt this scheme

Several years ago, the collector produced very high costs for administration and storage of documents. For this reason they have to increase the value of their goods or services which ultimately have to be covered by consumers.

Thanks to advances in information technology, various taxpayers who have digital technology, issued digital tax receipts and their preservation in electronic media, to streamline their administrative processes and reduce their costs of publishing and storing printed documents on paper.

There are many factors and events that allow us to make electronic invoices today, then we summarize those great moments:

1970: In the mid-1970s, large companies had a standard process, using mainframes, tape support and small disks. Medium and micro companies use manual worksheets.

1980: In the late 1980s, large companies used minicomputers and implemented the first information exchange technology between computers. Small, medium and micro companies use manual worksheets, start to have access to personal computers but do not have interconnectivity.

1990: In the late 1990s, the Internet was adopted throughout the world, there was great global competition, in large companies, e-commerce was popularized. There is a large adoption by small, medium and micro server companies and computers.

2004: Various tax administration services in the world approve electronic invoices as a means of tax verification.

2010: Adoption of electronic billing starts in small, medium and micro businesses.

Today: Invoice applications are popping up and most of them can be run through mobile devices.

Electronic billing cuts a lot of unnecessary waste. This also increases efficiency and accuracy since everything is automatically set by the computer. Now, with the advancement of digital technology supported by the Internet, collecting is no longer a complicated job. Especially with various application invoices that can be run by mobile devices. You can find more information by

By using the mobile invoice application you can:

– Make invoices anytime and anywhere. You might not believe it but now you can make invoices in just seconds!
– Check the status of payments instantly. You do not need to open tedious document sheets since everything has been arranged and arranged digitally.
– You can see all things related to your invoices in the interactive charts format.
– There is no reason to forget even one thing. You have your personal reminder.
– You can print your invoices and send them via email. You can’t expect better! Even if you have an ePrint or Airprint, you can do it more easily.
– Don’t have an internet connection? Don’t worry because some invoice applications can work offline. You can set data storage automatically to your device so you can work with them without an Internet connection.
– Synchronize on different devices so you don’t have to recreate your invoices when you use a different device. Synchronization can be done through your email.

See? We can see how the development of digital technology and the Internet makes things easier, even if we have to deal with billing bold documents. Hopefully this article is useful for you.