Legal Tips To Follow When Involved In a Truck Accident

The number of road accidents happening is increasing day by day. There are soo many people who pay hospital bills for the injuries of a road accident. The most common type of road accident where no matter how much caution you take is never less are highway accidents. Even then, it’s not cars or motorcycles that get caught up; the trucks have less to a high load on them.

These trucks are mostly company trucks where the driver of the truck finds himself stuck for something he didn’t do intentionally. So in this scenario, regardless of whichever party has more injuries, always contact a lawyer—specifically, those who are personal injury lawyers, such as those at Christensen Law. A personal injury lawyer can help you defend against any mishap and insurance issues that you could face.

In case the situation does come to the worst, you can always discuss and sort your options with your lawyer. A personal injury lawyer knows what issues could come your way and help you defend them. Whether you get hit or hit someone in an accident, going to a personal injury lawyer can help you reach a settlement and protect yourself.

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Is a Lawyer Important?


You should file a complaint first when you get involved in an accident and need time to check your vehicle for any possible dents and mishaps. Well, that’s what everyone is expected to do but what if there are no visible significant problems with your vehicle and no injuries at a glance, and you let it be? Doing so could cost you lots of bucks then you imagined.

It is so because when you would check your vehicle later and notice the issues, or worse, notice after some time. You can not ask for any settlement or ask the insurance company, as many insurance companies have a specific period for claiming the insurance after the accident. But if you were to visit a lawyer in time who specializes in accidents, you could have the situation turned out differently.

The lawyer would know and give you details on what you should do next and how to deal with the other party. Also, when an attorney is involved, the other party cannot try to persuade you into letting them go after an unfair evaluation of your vehicle. Even if the other party tries to put the blame on you for the accident, the attorney specialized in this field would know better and help you out.

Legal Tips To Follow After An Accident

Well, an accident does not happen after informing you, which is why it’s called an accident. When an accident happens, it’s not done to harm someone and is a consequence of mishaps of ignoring a few important things. But knowing what to do after an accident has happened is important.

For both parties involved in the accident and to reach a fair judgment, you should follow a few steps or tips after an accident. These tips are listed below.

Seek Medical Treatment


It is vital to seek medical treatment not only for yourself but for the other party as well. Especially in a truck accident, showing that you are willing to help the other party and don’t want to hurt anyone can help you later if the case goes to court. When contacting your lawyer or the ambulance, you should also let them know of the kind of injuries both parties have gotten.

Gather Evidence

Many times after an accident has occurred, the accused person in the accident tries to flee from the scene; this can be not good for the other party. Therefore, gathering evidence of the accident, clicking pictures of the area and especially the parties’ license plate. This will give you the exact information of both the parties and the damage on both the vehicles.

Talk To Witnesses

There are many areas where the cameras are not present or not working. Then you must ensure to contact any witness possible in the area. It would help you strengthen the case, get a clear vision of what actually happened, and help you defend your side better.

Gather Contact Information Of Witnesses 


Even if you talk to the witness and know what happened, you should still gather their information. If you need someone to stand for you in court or need any witness in front of the police, having the witness’s contact information is very important. You should also ask the witness if they are comfortable coming to the police station or would instead record their statement with willingness and can testify later.

Don’t Sign Any Statement To The Insurance Company

It is true that you shouldn’t wait to get insurance for the damages on your vehicle, but the insurance company would ask you to sign a few papers. They could also ask you to write a statement stating the accident, and this could be bad for you if you are not aware of how the language of your report could affect you later. If you take this paper to the attorney, they could tell you what to and what not to write in that statement and how you should better approach the insurance company for your insurance claim.

Contact An Experienced Attorney

It is the most important tip that you should always prioritize. Especially if you or the other party don’t have any significant injuries, after calling the ambulance, contact your attorney first and foremost, describe the area of the accident and ask how fast he can come to that place and what to do till he doesn’t come there. Also, you should tell him about the injuries of the other party and the hospital they are at if the attorney doesn’t reach them in time.


It is not every day you get involved in a truck accident or any accident with a vehicle. Therefore being prepared for it will help you with taking care of the aftermath with lesser difficulties. Those who might have had accidents would know better and contact their lawyers. It would be best if you did not do anything which will make you take responsibility for something you haven’t done.