9 Ideas to Decorate a Rustic Living Room

The rustic does not go out of style, and it is updated and reinvented to decorate the rooms. You shouldn’t think about it too much, because there are many reasons that encourage you to transform your living room into a fantastic and elegant space with a rustic design. A rustic living room is charming and visually beautiful.

If you are thinking of giving a makeover to this space in your house, we assure you that there are many ideas to decorate a rustic living room.

Follow these deco tips, and you will be right whether you live in the country or in the city. We describe to you the 9 best ideas to decorate a rustic living room with wood as the protagonist.

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Connection with nature


Stone walls, wooden beams, fireplaces, lots of wood, and textiles that make the living room the most welcoming. It is feeling surrounded by nature, the tones of the earth, the simplicity of life in the country but without giving up any of the comforts of modern life. The most charming rustic rooms do not lose sight of that connection with the land. Through its colors and materials, these nuances are felt in its decoration.

Lots of wood


It is the material or finishes par excellence in rustic rooms. Wooden floors are the perfect base on which to decorate with furniture in this finish. In a more natural and softer or more intense tone, wooden furniture is present, but also in bleached finishes, in the most up-to-date rustic-style living rooms. For the latter, there are also the most current furniture, simple lines, and more polished or softened wood.

Stone for the walls


If you want to create a completely rustic environment, the use of stone is mandatory, as it looks great in this space.

You can put some natural stone tile, real stones, or wallpaper that looks like this, although the best option is the tile.

Keep in mind that this type of wall darkens the space a lot, so if the house is the interior, too dark or the living room is small, it is not advisable to include stone in the decoration.

Although if your dream is to have rustic interior design, the wallpaper will become your greatest ally, since it does not create that strong dark place effect.

Interior wooden doors


Interior wooden doors in an oak color fit very well with the rustic and more classic decoration style. If you want to find the ideal wooden door for your rustic living room, you have at your disposal a wide catalog at todopuertas.net.

Sofas in rustic living rooms


Its line or style can be more or less current, depending on the effect you want to achieve. As we have said, there are very traditional rustic rooms and other more current ones that do not lose that country’s essence. The sofa and other seats are always fluffy and with the feeling of being very comfortable. Cushions are even filled with some folded blanket in plain sight. Armchairs also accompany sofas. The coffee tables can be more or less current in wood or metal, but they accompany the sofas and complete the living area.

Earth tones

If you want to give your living room a charming, comfortable, and cozy rustic feel, use the entire palette of earth tones in different intensities. From broken whites and softer and brighter beige for the walls to medium earth to highlight a front. You can incorporate the most decorative details or brushstrokes in the same color range for the most monochromatic environments or incorporate others, such as the warm yellows and oranges related to the sun and, of course, two other colors very in keeping with the natural environment: green and blue.

Wooden roofs

In the most charming rustic rooms, the ceilings are usually made of wood with exposed beams. These beams can be recovered, with the charm of tradition, or you can decorate the ceiling of your living room with additional beams that simulate the wood finish but with little weight added to the structure. It is a wood to condition the space to give it unmistakable country air. Ceilings covered with wooden slats are also permitted. Furthermore, this solution is not only an aesthetic resource that enhances style, but it is also a perfect insulating solution.



It is to think of a rustic living room and always appear a burning fireplace. And it is an element that helps, as long as it is a traditional model. It may be a construction site or an inserted cassette -of the latest line- but the important thing is that the chimney be covered in exposed stone or wood. If the living room has any of the keys mentioned here, that shot can be smooth, in paint, without further coating. And in summer, when you don’t use the fireplace, decorate it with candles or with natural fiber baskets with flowers inside. Black metal fireplaces also fit into a rustic living room if it is rightly combined with other keys to the style. Of course, it works to expose the logs with which to feed the fireplace.

Wooden log, flowers, and ‘new’ accessories


Incorporate in the decoration a piece of wood that simulates a recently cut trunk. Undoubtedly, an essential in rustic style salons. They are easy to find, and they are treated so that you can use them, and yet, aesthetically, they put that natural and coarse note that fits.

Flowers in wild, informal and natural arrangements, such as freshly cut, also work in rustic salons. Placed in an imperfect colored glass or porcelain vase (even chipped), and other elements related to the field. This key will also help you decorate a rustic living room. Any object related to the field, fiber baskets, straw hats, fiber trays, etc.

But more up-to-date accessories or complements that put a sophisticated note such as a striking, almost sculptural lamp, or discreet gold details, as in this charming living room, are not prohibited.