Leveling in World of Warcraft – Tips and Tricks

The latest World of Warcraft expansions, Battle for Azeroth, comes with a free boost for any character to level 110 that will put you right into the action. If can work for only one character, but you probably want two or more characters at the max level.


Knowing all the tricks for leveling is crucial, and if you follow our World of Warcraft leveling guide you can shorten the time that you need to level a character up to 110 considerably and begin enjoying WoW’s latest expansion.

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Use recruit-a-friend

If you are entirely new in World of Warcraft but have a friend who is a veteran, you can earn a huge boost by using the recruit-a-friend program. When enrolled, your friend who recruited you and yourself gain a 50 percent bonus to experience from quests and kills if you are in the same party and within about 100 yards of each other.

Your characters must also be only withing 4 levels of each other and below level 95 which means that your friend will also have to level up a character. For every two levels the recruit earns, the recruiter gets one level. There can be a lot of restrictions and complicated rules for that. The recruiter can even get some epic mounts or battle pets if you stick with the game for a couple of months as a recruit.

Pick a demon hunter or a death knight


Most classes in World of Warcraft start at level one, but Demon Hunters and Death Knights are an exception. They start at level 98 and level 55, respectively. This can shorten a big chunk of time from your leveling process. Of course, this will only work if you want to play a Demon Hunter or a Death Knight, but they are both great classes that can dish out a lot of damage in a group or raid. Picking an allied race can also shave some time off because they start at level 20.

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Get some heirlooms


Heirlooms are a special type of armor that levels up together with your character, so they always have stats that are respectable for your character’s level. Heirlooms that fit the legs, chest, back armor, shoulders, and head also offer an experience bonus. The total bonus you can get out of heirlooms is 45 percent. It is also possible to get a ring that adds another 5 percent, but you first must win a fishing content to get it, and that can take some time which beats the purpose of the guide.

You can get most heirlooms in the game in Ironforge from Krom Stoutarm or in the Undercity from Estelle Gendry. However, some heirlooms can only be bought from guild vendors, which means you will have to join a guild before you have access to them.

Get yourself an Insightful Rubellite


This is another item that can help you with faster leveling. This is a gem that can add another 5 percent bonus to experience gained. It is made by jewel crafting, so you will probably have to buy one from the auction or find a friend that can craft you one.