How to play ARK Survival Evolved with your Friends

ARK Survival Evolved is one of the games that attracted a lot of attention among gamers. The amazing and unique gaming features are the reason for the huge popularity of this game. If you have not had a chance to try this game, you should know that it is a survival type of game and it is highly addictive and thrilling. By playing this game you will completely forget about time and reality!

The game comes with a wide range of paleontological wonders, amazing landscapes that you will enjoy watching, consistent content drops, and many other interesting features. One of the primary things that you and your friends should know about when it comes to the ARK Survival Evolved game is that it can never get bored.

In fact, you and your friends will have such entertainment while playing. This game is actually meant to be played with your friends since you need to create a group that can become the Alpha clan. However, before you and your friends start to dominate the game and other groups which is referred to as the fun part, your group needs to primarily find out how to play the game together. So, let’s get to the point and discover all the ways you and your friends can play together as a team and join each other in the same game.

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Multiple ways to play the game

Before we start, you and your friends should know that there is actually more than one way to play this incredible game together. This is a very beneficial feature since you can take advantage of the way that most suits your team’s gaming preferences. You and your pals can discuss whether the option of playing on a public server works for you. This can be a good option for all of you if your goal is to be together and at the same time, interact with so many other gamers.

The other option refers to the dedicated and non-dedicated servers. If you choose the dedicated server for playing, you will have complete freedom to come and go from the server at any time that suits your team. When it comes to the non-dedicated servers, you should know that they are considered host servers. This means that you are going to play on one single-player map and your friends can join you and play the game with you.

By selecting this option, you as an individual will have control of the settings and you can start the game when all of your friends join the server. In the end, there is one more thing that you should know about. We are talking about renting a dedicated server in case you do not have essential specifications.

Guide for every option


Now, let’s discuss how every of the mentioned options are working and how you and your friends can play the game together.

Joining Servers

In case you and your team decide for joining servers, the first step to start with the multiplayer option is the same for any other survival game. They all have the same basic server features. Primarily, you go to the main menu and there click on the Join Ark option. At this point, you are going to see a server browser on your screen. Like in many other games, every server comes with its own name, map, short description, number of players, ping, mode, and version of the game.

You have the freedom to change the filters and select the ones that adjust your team’s gaming preferences. After that, you can select a server to play on and just press the join button. This is generally the process that all joining public servers are using both the console ones and the PC ones. The ARK game has several official servers that are run by top software developers. This means that you can rely on the quality and reliability level of this type of server. On the other hand, you can also find some public servers that are hosted by individuals.

Hosting Servers

As we said, this ARK: Survival Evolved game mode allows you to host your own server and you can achieve that right from the main menu. You will have to choose between two options, so let’s discuss their differences so you can make the decision easier.


Non-Dedicated Hosting Servers

When it comes to the Non-Dedicated session, you should know that this is a very unique option for your team to play the game with each other with the so-called tether. The tether is there to force the whole team that is playing to be at a minimum distance from the server host.

In the case where players attempt to move further away from the host, they are going to be transported back to the host’s original location. If your friends want to try this mode, they can select the Host/Local feature in the main menu. After that, they are free to select the option to host a Non-Dedicated Session

Running a Dedicated Server

Finally, if you decide to run a dedicated server, you should know how the procedure to begin with. Primarily, you should know, that running a dedicated server will require some type of hardware that uses its own processing power. This will require you to have a separate device such as a game console or a separate computer. In addition to that, this will include various processes that you need to conduct such as port forwarding, file management, and others.

Since this is quite a difficult task to achieve, most people are using a third-party hosting service to set up, control, and operate their server with just one hardware. You can choose the monthly fee server set up if you collaborate with some hosting companies that will manage all the features for you and your friends. If you are interested to try this, Check Here and find more information. This will mean that you will skip the difficult technical part and just enjoy the entertainment with your friends.