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Modern technology has become an integral part of the modern world and we cannot imagine our lives without modern technologies and the Internet. Some people realized the potential of modern technologies and the internet and they made their careers out of them. One of those people is Lewis, who has used the opportunities that the Internet offers. One of the most known things that he does are various channels that he has.


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Personal life

He was born in 1983 in th UK and his father’s name is Alan Brindley. As far as his education is concerned, he has finished his secondary school at King Edward VI Grammar School in Chelmford. After this, he decided to continue his education at the University of Manchester. We should also say that his major was law. However, he did not like it, and he then decided to change it to chemistry.



Regarding his love relationships, the most famous one is with Hannah Rutherford, who is also a YouTube personality and she also has her channel. Unfortunately, they stayed together for only two years. We should also add that he like to keep his personal life for himself and there are thus not man data about it.



We should mention that one of his biggest successes is cooperating in the foundation of Yogcast. This is actually a channel on YouTube and it is mainly based on gaming and giving the interested public some advice and guidelines about particular games and similar. One of the most famous things that he did is launching a channel that is dedicated to the World of Warcraft since it provide all tips and tricks and insights into the gameplay. The channel also provided various tutorials regarding the game.


He continued further and made a podcast named YogPod. With another colleague, he also made a tutorial and various videos regarding Minecraft and how to play it and how to survive there.


They saw that their channels on YouTube are increasingly popular and they thus decided to make their own publishing platform. This platform was used to publish some new projects and it became a great success.



This one has been used mainly so that they can post some video materials. However, it grew and they have made it available for posting a lot of different stuff. For example they can post games, animations, live action sequences and much more. The channels grows popular every day and it has more and more subscribers.



He received an award in 2000 as the best writer of an article, and the award is called The Daily Telegraph Young Science Writer Award.

Lewis Brindley Net Worth

It is evident that he has worked a lot and that he has been very resourceful in using the internet for making money. This brought him a lot of money and he is now estimated at 4 million USD. The most of the money comes from his channels, and he has twenty-one of them.