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You have entered the interesting world of League of Legends. Therefore, you should know some things that will help you make progress in this world-conquering game.

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Find Out More Before Embarking On An Adventure

As with any leap in life, the information plays a big role. Blinding yourself and jumping into the unknown can sometimes be catastrophic and can have undesirable consequences. Admittedly, we’re talking about the game here, so it won’t hurt you, and you don’t know everything, but we hope this will get your attention if you plan on becoming another LOL “fanatic”.

If you want to try one of the most interesting online games, we advise you to continue reading, as we will present you with some essential information that will help you to understand League of Legends better, because it is not without reason that knowledge is half the work done.

About The Game

If you’ve ever played Dota, then the principle of LoL is familiar to you. This is a multiplayer title where two teams of five players fight each other. Each player can choose one champion to lead during the game. Your champion will gain experience and money by eliminating opponent creeps (AI guided units) or heroes.

You can spend the money you buy in the Shop by buying items that improve your basic attributes such as health, regeneration, damage to your opponent, etc. The game takes place on the symmetrical map that has three main lanes. AI-controlled crypts move towards the enemy base at specific intervals and attack enemy units or structures along the way. Your task is to bring down the enemy base.

LoL does not seem so interesting, but there are more than 40 unique heroes in the game. Each hero has three primary traits and one secondary (passive). With the help of different objects, you can drastically modify the characteristics of your hero.

The Team Bases

Team bases are positioned in the lower-left and upper right corner. Your goal is to destroy the opponent’s base. You can reach the base (nexus) by demolishing the towers. You don’t have to destroy them all, but at least in one path to clear your way to the nexus.

That also goes for the inhibitor. Your success depends on the hero you choose and the specific part of the map where you decide to start. You will find five basic positions.

Determine What You Are Doing Wrong

Let’s think logically. Since there are four other players on the team and you are not the one who constantly makes a mistake, what is the probability that after 4-5 consecutive games, you still cannot win? Very small, so there is something that specifically causes your games to end in defeat, while other players climb smoothly.

The first thing you need to do to improve yourself is to determine where you are wrong. Now, many will tell you to watch your games again to spot mistakes. It’s not always the right solution. If it is you who makes a mistake, you will not understand it if you see it again.

If you could spot that, you probably wouldn’t make such mistakes at all. So, find someone who is better than you to watch games with you. There is a good chance that someone else will be much easier to see your mistakes, and the better player can find a way to help you. You can also use boosters. This game has become so popular that you can find boosters for your character on numerous websites. Still, it doesn’t matter which one you choose. Keep in mind that you have to leave your data for something like that, and again – you will not be sure if that is what you’ve thought. Price may not always be the right indicator of a quality boost. Therefore, in such situations, rely on the advice of professionals and check out here for the best lol boosting advices for you LOL character.

Try To Improve Your Game

Now that you know where you are weak, you need to work on getting it right. The key here is to work on one thing at a time. Let’s say the problem is that you die too much, and your farm poorly. Start from the part with dying. Make sure you don’t die in the next installment.

The party needs to end without having a single death. So if that means you won’t have a single murder, be it. At least you didn’t favor your opponent at first, and they were even better than defeated. After that, work on the next thing and until you start climbing again.

Make Sure You Can Stay At The Table Until The End Of The Match

What every LoL player hates (and so do we) is when someone goes AFK (away from keyboard). We all understand – poor connectivity, lousy computer, toilet break … but for one’s initiative to leave, his team is worse than a slap. Before you start a party, make sure you can stay all the way. The matches generally last from 30-45 minutes and sometimes stretch to an hour. And there is no break. So, fully commit to the match and do not fail your teammates.

Communication Is The Key!

Because LoL is a team game, good communication between teammates is essential. This does not mean that you will make new friends or that you will talk about the weather. No, good communication involves, in addition to tactics, tolerance, kindness, counseling… Keep in mind to tell your teammates if you are new and that you need advice when buying items, for example. Many do not follow this rule, and in LoL, so you will almost certainly find toxic players.

Practice Is Better Than Anything

There are many aspects of LoL that we have not covered here that you will learn over time. Practice, of course, is better than dry reading. Like practicing different heroes on the ARAM (all random, all mid) map and with bots, not buying anything from a riot points store unless it’s really necessary (because that’s how you spend your own real money), etc.

But in our opinion, this is vital information for players, and we think it will help you get into the magic world of this game. We didn’t want to bombard you with too much information, as you probably know it, and all that LoL has to offer you will absorb over time. If you’re looking for a faster way to rank up in League of Legends, why not check out BoostRoyal?