Makeover Tips to Make Your Home Sparkle

Maybe you are planning to invite some special guests and you would like your home to appear sleek, clean and elegant. Or perhaps you just want to clean your house thoroughly and to remove all germs and dirt. Here are eleven makeover tips which will come in handy to make your home sparkle;  


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As asserted by HubPages, baseboards usually collect a lot of grime, dust and dirt. Since you want to make your home sparkle, you should concentrate on cleaning all the baseboards in your home. If you fail to clean them over a long period, these baseboards will compile a lot of dirt.


To make your home sparkle, you will need to use a lot of creativity. Don’t just feel comfortable with the old arrangement of your house. Rearrange your house creatively. You can do this with the help of suggestions from your family members and friends. In rearranging your home, you are not obligated to purchase new and expensive items. You merely use your talents to know which place in your house fits best a particular item.



Carpets, just like baseboards, usually compile a lot of dirt over a long period. Therefore, to make your home sparkle, you must thoroughly steam clean your carpets. You can do this by using a soapy water solution. It is also advisable to use hot water to clean your carpets. Hot water will quickly dissolve and remove all the unwanted grime and dirt. You must wash your rugs repeatedly for at least five times for them to achieve a sparkling look.

Smoke Alarms

Investigate whether the battery of your smoke alarm is still functioning properly. If you notice that your smoke alarm battery is spoilt, you will have to replace it. After all, you have to take care of your home security systems. Nevertheless, replacing your smoke alarm battery is an insignificant price to pay for the safety of your family.



Make your home to be a little more spacious and airy. Pack neatly all the items that you don’t frequently use and keep them out of sight. Do away with any homeware which you don’t consider useful. Your home will sparkle more when you declutter it.


Check all your security systems and see if they are alright. If not, you can call a reliable security company to do all the required fixing for you. By doing this, you will have guaranteed the safety of your family.


This is a place which you can continuously forget while cleaning your home. In most homes, the garage is usually the dumping site for all kinds of trash. Therefore, head to your garage and thoroughly clean and arrange it.

If you find any unwanted item in there, kindly do away with it. You should also consider replacing your garage door with a more durable and strong one. If your garage hosts some expensive vehicles, then you should install the best security systems to protect them.

Shower Heads and Sinks

As illustrated by WikiHow, you can effectively clean your shower heads and sinks using appropriate procedures. First of all, mix equal amounts of water and vinegar in bags of nylon. Then, tie these bags at the faucets of your sink and your shower heads. After tying the bags, wait for at least one hour and remove them. After removing them, you can now rinse your sinks and shower heads with warm water.



A sparkling clean window will add beauty and charm to your house. Windows can quickly accumulate dust, especially during summer. Clean your windows with paper towels. You can check Towel Reviewer for information on how to choose the perfect paper towel in your home. Avoid using ordinary towels since they won’t clean your windows well. Make sure that you wipe all your windows’ glasses and panes thoroughly. Also, don’t forget to clean the frames of your windows – but remember to protect yourself by wearing gloves.


Scan for all the possible repairs in all the areas of your home. If possible, you can fix these repairs by yourself. If you can’t, please call an appropriate handyman to help you out. Don’t mess things up by attempting to fix things by yourself yet you don’t have the proper know-how. You don’t have to repair everything damaged in your house if you can’t afford it. Just fix the things you need most; for instance; a leaking sink.



Take time to arrange all your shoes. If you don’t organise your shoes well, your house will look messed up and untidy. Neatly arrange your shoes so that you can conserve space. For instance; all the left shoes should be put facing upwards or inwards, and all the right shoes should be placed facing downwards or outwards.


Your home will sparkle if you manage to implement all these makeover tips. Also, the safety of your loved ones will be guaranteed if you fix your house’s security systems. What’s more – your home will be the envy of all your friends and your neighbours.