4 Reasons to Avoid Buying Cheap Laminate Flooring in 2024

Laminate flooring has been on the market for almost half a century, and it is still going strong today. It has gained a good reputation in that time, and many people have it in their houses. There are even those who mistake it for hardwood floors, but it’s nowhere near; we can tell you that immediately. After all, laminate is a synthetic material, designed with a purpose to mimic real wood. In combination with a fair price, it reasonably quickly gained recognition and popularity.

The price played the leading role in making it affordable to a broad specter of individuals. Also, some really good laminate design is pretty hard to differentiate from the real thing. In years past, this material advanced further, and what we have today is a much modern and more quality of a once innovative product. The best part is that it keeps evolving, and it’s even more available and affordable than ever before. It is a material for everyone’s budget, but there are a few reasons to avoid buying cheap laminate flooring. Let’s discuss them.

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1. You Can’t Refinish It

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Laminate flooring is cheaper than wood, and it is still its most significant advantage. We can’t see this change in the immediate future. You can find quality pieces, but if you go with a cheap version, you’ll encounter issues rather sooner than later. The cheaper versions have thinner surface parts, which makes them prone to damage. The technology behind this product has come a long way, but it still can’t create the wood image below the surface layer.

Once this part gets damaged, the wood look is going to disappear in the damaged parts. The worst part is that you can’t do anything about it. Unlike the wood, it can’t be sanded and refinished. Wooden floors can be fixed many times over and over again, which is not the case with laminate ones. This gives the real wood longevity and makes it a better option in the long run than laminate flooring. It simply looks better, it’s more quality, and it gives your home an overall more significant value if it comes to a sale. The bottom line is that not even the high-quality laminate can’t compare to wood, and the cheap version is nowhere close to either.

2. It’s Not as Easy to Clean

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Laminate is known for its treat that it’s easy to clean and care for. But this is not always the case. If you, for example, use too much water, the material can get wrapped or stained. This is not good news for a quick clean. You can sweep it or vacuum clean it, but you should not use too much water. Whatever you do, you need to be extra careful when cleaning it. If you still insist on cleaning it with water, use a mop, and be sure to wring out the water frequently to avoid any misshape. If it gets really dirty or stained with some other material, be sure to use a cleaner that is intended solely for laminate. If the stains are tough to handle, you can approach them with cleaning products based on acetone.

3. Watch Out For The Warranty

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What also makes laminate an attractive option for those who buy it is the ease of installation. It is one of those things that many consider that is better if you do it yourself. It all comes down to putting one piece next to the other, with no glue needed. Components are usually built in a manner that allows the user to connect them with ease thanks to the snap-and-lock mechanism. In some cases, there are also tongue-and-groove joinery versions available. For someone who is adept at working with wood and other construction materials, a pretty big room can be done in a day. But it’s not all that easy. There is a small issue with the warranty. Once you start putting them one to the next one, there’s a risk that you’ll damage the edges, and they’ll no longer be compatible, and your floor will have a lasting mark.

In some cases, the warranty doesn’t cover the damages that can happen during the installation. This is why sometimes it is better to have it installed by a professional, which is sometimes even required by the manufacturer’s warranty. To avoid some damage during the installation, it’s sometimes better to buy laminate flooring from reliable sources such as Bricovalera.

4. Comfort and Convenience

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If you choose to go with a cheap option, you could lose both comfort and convenience. Some people find the laminate surface to be too hard despite the foam that is usually installed underneath. Others even believe that the cold sensation that they get from this material is due to the foam. Furthermore, they tend to be rather slippery. This is never a good thing as it increases the risks of injuries. The manufacturers are working on making the surface of laminate less slippery by adding texture and layers of slip-resistant materials, but as you can guess, this will go only for more expensive versions. The cheap ones are going to remain so to say dangerous. Also, it’s known that with laminate, you get excessive static electricity that is a breeding ground for dust. This issue can be resolved by frequent cleaning, but this method increases the chance of wear and tear, as we mentioned above.

Final Thoughts

Buying cheap laminate flooring if you are lacking funds might be your only option. If this is the case, you’ll probably try to do it yourself. Both things are not something we recommend. You can see why, as you probably read our article, considering you are now reading this part. Yes, we won’t argue that this option is economical, and it’s practically a DIY product, but the flaws we wrote about are real. You can find it useful, affordable, and enjoyable for a while, but in the long run, going for wood or at least a bit more quality laminate should be what you strive for.