Maximizing Your College Applications: Advice From an Admissions Expert

Applying for college is not easy, as there is much toiling and pondering to be done. Help from the family members and school administrators will be needed to get through the application and then admission.

College admissions advisor recruit prospective applicants and, along with the admission process, provide counseling, a recommendation regarding the course, and advice. They work for colleges, businesses, universities, or technical schools.

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Tips To Maximize College Admissions


Most reputed colleges expect applicants to have good grades and strong SAT or ACT scores. Along with that, the prospective students are expected to secure letters of recommendation and expected to write a captivating essay.

Getting into a good college can be a challenging task. Following are tips to maximize college admissions,

Good Grades

Students with good grades in challenging courses will likely attend reputed colleges. Securing a good grade point average (GPA) and completing a problematic module are essential to obtaining college admission.

A high GPA will make an application stronger as the transcript of a GPA score displays the types of classes the student has taken in the senior year of high school.

As per National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), around seventy percent of colleges consider the grades in high school important when seeking admissions. So taking challenging courses during junior and senior years of schooling is essential.

A good GPA score will help applicants get through the first round. Then, the college will examine how a student stands out, their extracurricular activities and other plus points will be considered.

SAT And ACT Score

Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) and American College Testing (ACT) scores are also good indicators for admissions, especially after the pandemic, as more and more colleges are considering standardized test scores.

Submitting SAT/ACT scores is good practice, even if the college applying does not stipulate its requirement. Most students take the SAT or ACT in their junior year as it will give them ample time to consider whether they want to take these tests in the fall of their senior year.

Many official practice questions and tests are free, which is the best way to prepare for the exam. Other alternatives to prepare for the test include getting an SAT or ACT prep book, enrolling in SAT/ACT classes, or hiring a tutor.

Personal Statement

Writing a captivating personal statement of self looks good on the college admissions application, especially for students applying to those schools that drop SAT/ACT requirements.

As per the NACAC survey, writing a compelling personal statement is given due importance by many colleges concerning admission.

This personal essay shows the college admission staff a student’s views other than the GPA test score. Many colleges want to know how a student is as a person.

Hence all aspiring aspirants need to develop a distinctive, compelling essay with the right prompt that tells an engaging story, as this will catch the eye of the admission staff at the college.

Students Interest


As per the NACAC study, more than forty percent of colleges considered students’ interest in getting admitted into a college as an essential factor in admission.

Colleges note when a prospective student visits the college campus, attends a campus tour, participates in optional interviews, and is in constant touch with admission staff. It depicts a student’s general interest in joining the college.

Students can also display their interest by applying for an early admission decision, contacting professors regarding the subject interest to major, following college sites on social media, and posting genuine exciting comments. Also, attending online seminars for prospective students will help.

Letter of Recommendation

The admission staff gives a letter of recommendation with significant weightage as it explains and reveals certain aspects of students’ character that the test scores and grades won’t be able to display.

Therefore prospective students need to ask prominent people to confidently write about skills, frame of mind, achievement, and eagerness while giving a letter of recommendation for admission.

Usually, the colleges need one to three recommendation letters from the teachers and a school counselor.

Request the teacher and school counselor for the letter of recommendation at least a month before the college application deadline, as this will help them get enough time to write a good strong letter.

Apply To Different Colleges


Students should apply to the diverse selection of colleges for admission. The school counselor can help list potential schools meeting the admission criteria. It will ensure solid acceptance in the college.

Once the list gets prepared, zeroing in on which institutions will accept the admission should be considered, and the application should get sent there. After that, make a list of colleges where there is less chance of getting into and then apply.

Sending applications to various colleges will ensure getting admitted into one of the colleges on the list, even if that differs from the dream college.

Early Admission

Opting for early admission will increase the chance of getting into that dream college, as the colleges admit a higher percentage of students during early decisions and action rounds.

If a school allows applying early to get admission, then this could be beneficial for the student to get to that dream college. In this case, the application should get sent in by November to receive the admission decision by December.

Early decision is an agreement stating that the student is committed to joining that college if admitted, and early action never binds the student to a single college.

Social Media


If having a social media account, maintaining an online reputation is essential as the admission staff checks applicants’ social media presence. It helps them to look for any red flags to reject the application.

Hence, while applying, it is essential to ensure that all the social media accounts are free of content that will not raise any red flags in the eyes of the admission staff.

Get Help

Applying for admission could get confusing, and sometimes a single person needs help. Take help from teachers or guidance counselors when required to finalize the application.

Take help from friends, parents, siblings, and relatives who can smoothly walk through the admission procedure and campus life. Also, proofread the application for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors before submitting it.


Many top colleges consider good grades a plus factor in admission. Even a high score on SAT/ACT will impress the committee handling admission.

Students wanting to join that dream college can apply for an early decision and visit the campus. Most colleges want to admit motivated, academic, spirited, and elegant students.

Therefore it is essential to put the best qualities on the application. If applying to a music school and knowing how to play piano, this creative interest should be on the application.

Always write a genuine reason for applying to that particular school and mention how it will help achieve the goal.