6 Signs Your College Essay is too Short

Writing a college essay is a task that needs to be done right. Most of the students begin perfectly but always find it confusing to stretch further. These students often end the essays too soon. A college essay plays an important role in the admission process since it makes the counselors familiar with a student. As a student, how can you identify whether or not your college essay is too small?

Apart from the word count, you also need to ensure you explain yourself with all the relevant points instead of irrelevant information. A long college essay with no fruitful information about you is of no use at all. On the other hand, a short college essay consisting of all the right information will help you in securing a seat. Today, we will talk about the top signs that show your college is too short and needs more work.

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1. A Dull Introduction

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If you fail in catching the reader’s attention in the first paragraph then you will most likely not catch it later. A dull introduction consisting of vague information shows that you need to add more words. Research has shown that the top college essays start with an interesting story. Is there a time in your life when you went through a difficult situation but came up with a creative idea? This is the right platform to talk about the same. Your introduction will give them an idea of your personality, traits, talents, etc. Make sure you spend enough time curating the introductory paragraph.

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2. It Does Not Speak For You

A good college essay will instantly tell the readers about who you are, the things that you prioritize, and the life you plan on living. If your college is filled with vague information that gives different ideas about yourself in every other paragraph then it needs some work. A short essay will never speak for you as if you are present there narrating a story. All the brilliant college essays are detailed consisting of approximately 500 words.

3. The Essay Is Too Formal

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As discussed in the first point, storytelling is an important aspect of a good college essay. This means that you write your essay in an informal or casual tone. If you write it formally, there is not much you can add to it, thereby meaning it will end soon. Go through your essay and see if it’s written in a manner where you feel like you are having an actual conversation with the counselors. To do this, it is essential to curate the first draft without thinking you are writing to get into the college of your choice. Write anything that comes in your head that describes you and the values you stand by the best.

4. The Only Thing It Puts Light On Is SYMPATHY

There are several college essays that are written on a tough situation that an individual had to go through. It is completely justifiable to add such experiences in your college essay since they make us who we are in the present. But the essay should always focus on how you dealt with it rather than what you went through. Most college essays talk about a tragic incident that only makes the reader feel sympathetic towards the student. Apart from sympathy, it should tell the reader about the strength you developed after going through a tough time. If you are planning on telling a story about the time you lost someone close to your heart, put light on the ways you used to handle yourself and your family in the situation.

5. Do You Feel Something Is Missing?

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After completing the essay, do you feel like you can add something to make it even more interesting? If such thoughts strike your head after finishing, it is time to make some additional changes. Make sure you go through it with a fresh mind to understand the things that you are missing. You will eventually come up with some great ideas to make your existing essay better. Also, there is always room for improvement especially when it is directly related to your dream college.

6. It Does Not Answer The Basic Questions

The main part of a good college essay is that it answers all relevant questions till a person reaches the end. If even the basic questions are not answered in your essay then it needs more words. Your college essay should talk about your long-term goals and how entering this college will bring you a step closer to them. Counselors always prefer students with a strong vision in their heads.

One important question that it needs to answer is whether or not you have challenged yourself to get out of your comfort zone. Think about a point in time where you did something challenging and try to convey the same interestingly. Students who go through challenges are more preferable since they are not afraid of what’s coming through next.

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Apart from that, every student has a way to deal with the problems coming along. In your essay, you should always describe your approach in detail.

The last thing that requires your focus is the things that set you apart from the crowd. Why should the college give you preference over other applicants? Try to take some time to focus on every question and come up with the most suited answer.

The Final Verdict

Whether you are given a writing prompt or not, take time out in curating your perfect essay with sufficient words. A good college essay will consist of a minimum of 500 words. Never focus on simply stretching it with irrelevant information. A short but informational essay should always be your main area of focus. In the end, your college essay speaks for you in front of your counselors. You need to take sufficient time to ensure they get the right idea of you in the first go.