Meizu Zero – No Buttons and No Ports

The world’s first holeless phone has arrived. Meizu Zero, the first phone produced without any breaches in the case, has been designed more as a technology demonstrator than a real business venture, but that doesn’t make it less amazing, quite the contrary.

The concept phone features 5.99-inch AMOLED screen and is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 CPU. Since it is hermetically shut, there isn’t even a SIM card opening, so users have to use eSIM. It also doesn’t have speaker openings, it uses mSound 2.0 screen sound technology, creating sound through screen vibrations.

The technology was pioneered by Xiaomi in their Mi Mix model. The front-facing camera with facial recognition has 20 MP, while at the back of the phone you get 12MP Sony IMX380+20MP Sony IMX350 dual camera, managed by Meizu’s one mind AI smart 2 engine.

Since there is no physical port for charging, Zero uses Meizu’s Super mCharger Wireless technology. It allows the phone to be charged up to 18W.

The screen uses pressure-sensitive technology to emulate power and volume buttons, usually placed at the side of a phone. It features the in-display fingerprint sensor and Bluetooth 5.0 connection. There is no SIM tray, so users have to make do with eSIM. It is certified to IP68 dust and water resistance, making it truly waterproof.

Meizu is only putting up 100 units of Zero for sale, each costing $1,299. Unofficially, 13 of those 100 are already sold, even though the phone won’t be released before April 2019. You can try and secure yours at Indiegogo, while there are still some left that are not reserved.