2020 Millennials Wear

Wardrobe has always been a way to express yourself. Now that visual identity and identity as such are in the spotlight what you wear has become extremely important. We all love to wear beautiful things but also to be very comfortable and stay in a specific outfit during the entire day.

Styles and trends change from year to year, but it is observable that comfort starts to overtake and even makes an entrance to the high fashion. Millennials are trendsetters and they have some interesting ideas for the upcoming year.

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As simple as possible


Simplicity is the key; taken from the biggest trends in other fields such as architecture and contemporary art, minimalism has become one of the biggest trends there is. In order to dress nicely, you don’t need to have a lot of clothes, but you need to have the right pieces.

Good trousers and jeans are a must. The same goes for shirts and T-shirts. By investing in good and wearable pieces of clothes in colors that are combinable, you will be able to make the most outfits out of very little items. This doesn’t mean dull colors, neon or animal printed jacket, or both, can be used to shake things up a little and make the outfit young and fun.



This generation is driven by a strong will to change their habits and preserve nature. They talk about climate change and global warming freely and fight to make a difference. This is why some of the most favorite brands for millennials are the ones that are eco-friendly and make a biodegradable wardrobe from sustainable sources. This is very important and most millennials prefer to buy from brands that are labeled as green.

What is peculiar is that most millennials will come back to the brands they loved as soon as they change the policy and go green. Not only that this is environmental friendly but clothes bought from brands that take care of their waste and reduce pollution, but items are made from natural materials and dyes so there are fewer chances of allergies.

We all love a good bargain


Who doesn’t love to get the most they can for the least money invested. When it comes to clothes, it is always good when you make a good deal. Millennials do care about the price, but they sure like to get the best quality for the price they are paying. Even though very cheap items can be found easily they sure don’t last for long and you cannot rely on them.

Most millennials suggest that it is better to spend a bit more money on a product that is higher in quality and lasts for a few seasons than buy few items which will end up in the trash after few washes. We actually come back to the first part of the article, millennials love minimalism. Investment in high-quality items allows you to make a wardrobe that is composed of items that can be mixed together and last for more seasons.

Dress and sneakers?


With millennials, everything goes, as the matter of fact mixing unmixable is totally fine. One of the iconic combinations is flowy floral dress and leather jacket paired with flat tie up boots.

The point is to be comfortable. So, it is okay and even preferable to wear fitted dress with a blazer and have sneakers. If combined with a killer shirt jeans can be worn in almost every opportunity, I know people who wore them at weddings. These looks are so hot right now, according to the online-stylist.co.uk.

Baggy, baggy, baggy

We already mentioned a few times, millennials love their comfort, so every piece of clothes that can be baggy is baggy. Our personal favorite is big, snugly baggy sweaters that can be combined with high wasted mom fit jeans, or a calf-length skirt.

Mom fit yeans which are baggy but not that baggy made a big comeback and are one of the must-haves in the closet. You probably remember these from your parents photos, well if your parents kept those clothes they would easily be worn during this year. Oversized blazers and calf lengths skirts are combined frequently, alongside oversized T-shirts and shirts tucked into them.



Neon is a new black. If it glows it has to shows. Pastel colors are so last year, and neon ones were making a comeback for the past few years. Sweatpants made from neon white reflective material, popular in the ’90s are again back at the scene. Its more about having one piece of outfit in this statement color rather the whole outfit.

And don’t forget to accessories; scrunches and statement hairpins are back and here to stay. Neon colors have taken over the hair and makeup industry as well so neon hair color is a common request on in the salon. Additionally, the makeup industry followed this trend and many famous brands have released neon pallets and products.

Chunky shoes


Bigger the better, chunky shoes with big sole were very popular during the ‘90s and they are again in the sport light. Chunky sneakers in all white can be seen on many trendsetters and they can be combined with sweatpants, jeans and even dresses.

They are comfortable and they make a statement, which is a signature part of any millennial outfit. Not only pure white ones are popular, the ones that have few colors will be easier to combine and can give a breath of fresh air to the outfit.



Millennials rely highly on comfort and personal signature when picking up clothes. With them, everything goes and can be combined. Minimalistic wardrobe with a few, well picked, comfortable and eco-friendly pieces in colors that can be combined is a way to go. Neon pieces can be used to spice up the outfit, and any accessorize in neon colors are preferable.

Chunky sneakers are a must and they can be combined with dresses and blazers, or skirt and leather jackets. Jeans have found the way in every part of the day of a millennial, and if paired with a killer shirt or T-shirt and blazer can be worn to work or other events. A millennial wardrobe is all about comfort and availability. Whatever you combine as long as you feel good in it and it has your own touch millennials will approve.