10 Common Misconceptions All Students Have About Essay Writing

Most college students would vote to abolish assignments if given a chance. They have ideas of better ways to spend their young lives than sitting in the library or locked in the room in the name of writing essays. According to thesisrush, the negative perception makes essay writing more difficult than it is.

If only students could deal with the misconception, their college years would be rosier. Think about essays helping you to revise your exams or preparing you for some of the most lucrative careers of the future. Here are misconceptions that make essay writing difficult and how to avoid falling into the trap.

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1. A writer is born

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Some people believe that they are bad writers now and forever. With the notion that their fate is sealed, the writers do not even make effort to improve their skills. Such students end up envying others, not knowing that they can be as excellent writers as those who appear like magicians.

Writers are not born. While some appear to have a natural talent, they cultivate the skill through extensive reading, practice, and imitation. Everyone can be a great writer if he or she puts in the hours. In fact, writing is considered an intrinsic skill. It only takes the right button to awaken the writer in you.

2. Writing essays is tiring

Essay writing requires time. A good paper requires you to dedicate quality time, which could translate to several hours in the night or over the weekend. However, you do not have to sulk over it. Once you master the tricks, it will be one of the easiest undertakings.

An interesting essay topic is a place to begin. Passion in the particular area will give you the enthusiasm to sit through an essay for hours and feel as though you have been at it for only a few minutes. Organizing your time and having the right tools will cut the time it takes to complete the most difficult essay. Writing essays will no longer feel like a punishment.

3. You need the inspiration to write

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The idea of writers’ block is real in essay writing. Some people wait for inspiration to write their essays, not knowing that each moment has its unique spark. While you wait for the inspiration, you lose time and end up submitting the essay late or rushing at the last moment.

Get straight to writing the essay immediately after it is issued. Read books to expand your ideas about the subject. Write down every idea that comes to mind immediately it pops. Within no time, you will produce the most compelling essay and never feel the need to wait for inspiration.

4. Once a bad writer always a terrible one

Your writing fate is not yet sealed. You can still produce a winning essay despite years of poor performance. All you need is to understand that writing is a skill. Like all other skills, you need to understand the basics, practice, and you will get out of the sloppiness. Use samples and examples to learn how some of the best writers do their work. You will soon rank top in the class, win competitions, and earn scholarships from mere writing.

5. Some professions do not require good writing skills

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Writing is for journalists and communication professionals! This is the worst misconception. Poor writing skills have cost engineers, doctors, and business professionals some of the most lucrative opportunities. Every professional must understand how to express his ideas. For this reason alone, every serious student should sharpen his writing skills to secure his future.

6. Essays are punishment for college students

Given a chance, all students would skip essay writing. Unknown to many, it is one of the most important classes with benefits transcending good grades in class. Essay writing teaches you to manage your time well. You learn more about how to research and organize your ideas. The lessons learned when writing essays will last a lifetime.

7. It is wrong to use writing services

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Using writing services is not prohibited. Like all other sources of help, writing services help students to complete essays faster by providing templates, samples, and coaching services, among other forms of assistance. Use essay writing services to improve your college experience. As an example you can check out the best dissertation writing services.

8. Another writer cannot capture your ideas accurately

The misconception is especially common for students in arts. An essay helper can analyze a poem or book and still capture the ideas creatively. Do not shy away from hiring writers for fear that they might not be creative enough. Writing services hire helpers after considering a myriad of issues, including their creativity in essay writing.

9. Writing fast will result in low-quality work

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Spending too much time on an essay does not guarantee quality. You only need to know how to spend less time on each essay. Use writing tools, switch off distractions, set up a comfortable desk, and take regular breaks. It will take minutes to submit the most compelling essay.

10. It is impossible to find a good essay writer online

A lot of students have fallen prey to online writing scams. Do not be discouraged from searching for the best writers online. Check reviews of the best writing websites and ask for recommendations. You will find writing services that can handle every possible topic.

A chance of perception about essay writing will make a huge difference. You will love writing essays and always submit the best. Avoid these misconceptions and your essay writing experience will never be the same.