Living Room Cleaning Tips

Everyone likes to come home to a nice clean living room, but with our busy lifestyle, this isn’t always possible. Nowadays, it is hard to get everything done and sometimes we let our house get dirty a bit. Not everyone can afford a person or a professional to clean their homes, but it is essential you do it one way or another. Cleaning your living room might not be the most difficult thing to do, but either way, we have prepared some tips for you.

Windows are a key part of every living room, not only do they allow in light and serve as a great place for window treatments, but they also allow in ventilation to clear your house of odors and dust. When your windows and blinds are soiled, it can take away from the overall look and feel of your living room. That is why they need to look spotless.

Before we start, you should know that there are many different types of blinds as well as different materials and some of them are:

  • Wood Blinds
  • Cloth Blinds
  • Fabric Blind
  • Plastic Blond
  • Synthetic Blinds
  • Mental Blinds

How you clean your blind depends on the material, but there are some tactics that work on all types. Wipe down your blinds every other day with a simple feather duster.

The experts from Picture Perfect Cleaning suggest that you don’t allow the cloth to be overly wet, standing water will attract even more dirt, and can damage some materials. A simple damp cloth will allow you to remove dust and pollen and leave your blinds looking sparkly and fresh. If you have plastic or metal blind that are removable, you can easily take them down and wash them in the bathtub. Add a mild detergent to the water mixture and rinse clean.

Lay them out on the lawn to dry completely and then replace them in the slot, not only will your living room look cleaner, but it will also smell cleaner too!

Once you are done with the windows, you can focus on the other parts of your home. Make sure you vacuum the space and wipe the dust of the TV, couch, and other surfaces.

If you have pets inside your home, they will probably spend time in your living room. Usually, they leave their pet hair behind them, and getting rid of that can be a nightmare. With amazing pet hair vacuums that you can find on, you will manage to remove every bit of pet hair that gets in the way. Furthermore, it shouldn’t take a long time to get this done, especially with the powerful vacuum cleaner.