Mobile and Remote File Server Access

The need for proper business and project management is on the rise. It is a fact that you can’t stay on the desk trying to manage your business every now and then, you always have to move around. As you move around, projects still need to be managed, workers need to be guided and data needs to be shared. How can you do that while on the go. Lots of people used to utilize VPN for on-premise file sharing or access data but it has now become evident that data loss through VPN file sharing has become the order of the day. This is why business, both large and small use Mobile and Remote File Server access to ensure proper and secure transfer and sharing of the data. Learn more on

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Understand the Whole Concept of Mobile and Remote File Server Access


This is simple a cloud based storage system that allows you to store, share, access and secure data with ease. You don’t have to be on your computer for you to access or share data. while on the go, you can access these files and share with your employees or any other person who would like to get a bit of your information or any data regarding your business or company. The ease of file sharing, secure data and the confidence that your data cannot be easily breached is what makes the mobile and remote file server access a choice for many people.

Benefits of Mobile and Remote File Server Access

1. It is Very Cost Effective

When people were using the VPN, there was a problem of setting up accounts for every user every time you wanted your team to access data. with the Mobile and Remote file server access, there is use of existing information to ensure time and money is not wasted. Integrating or setting up the account doesn’t take a lot of time and doesn’t require the services of an expert. You save time and money.

2. Prevention of Data Sprawl and Loss

Having a Remote server means having a good way of managing the data. when you upload or store data, the data remains as you have entered it unless you alter it yourself intentionally. You and only authorized people can access the data so you cannot expect to tamper it in any way. Just make sure you don’t share your passwords and access details to people you don’t trust.

3. Make Your Management Roles Simple and Sustainable


With this software in place, you don’t have to physically be available in your office to have the work ongoing. You can be away from work and still have the best management of your business. All you need is to make sure you every user has access to the required data. You will have all the controls as the manager and you will be commanding from a remote location if you want. With just a simple device like tablet, iPad or a laptop, you will be able to access the files and execute data as you see fit.

4. Reliable Data Security

When it comes data security, it is important to ensure you data doesn’t undergo any type of data breech. This is where the Mobile and remote file server access offers because once you store data, no third party can access it unless given permission. You are the only person who will have the ability to add, omit or edit data. day and night, you don’t have the worry to keep checking your data whether it is important or not. This is the best way to ensure you increase quality of your data security and be sure that it will not be compromised in any way.

How Does Mobile and Remote File Server Access Enhance Security

1. It Comes with an End Point Encryption

Data encryption is the key in file security. Every file is encrypted thereby preventing any form of security compromise at all times. once the intruder doesn’t provide the encryption key, no one will be able to access your files which means they will continue to be safe throughout. You are the only person with encryption keys so even when the data is breached, you will not lose your data.

2. There is a MDM Integration


File sharing through the MDM Integration can easily be compromised. People can easily steal data and you may end up not securing any of the data. Through the MobileIron, and Maas360, you are able to manage the data appropriately and ensure all authorized devices have access to your company or business data. it is a way of ensuring you don’t make your data vulnerable to hackers and attackers who could take advantage of the mobile devices and compromise your data. with this integration, you are able to see all connected devices and how every data is being utilized.

3. Two Factor Authentication

Securing data these days has become a challenge with more people knowing how to easily access it. With a two-factor authentication, it is hard for data hackers to breech your systems. The Mobile and remote server access is able to ensure you have the best data protection. Utilize software such as Google Authenticator, and Amazon MFA to ensure that your data doesn’t get compromised in any way. Two-factor authentication plus ensuring that your security details are not shared to any individuals that are not concerned ensures that breech remains a just a word to you.

4. It’s a One Point File Management Center


Using the Mobile and Remote file server access enables you to share information through the app. You are able to detect any edits, data transfer or any kind of activities on your data. As a result, you can stop any kind of data breeches and other type of data compromise. Always make sure you have the best version so that you get the latest updates. There is locking and file version control to ensure you receive automatic updates on all kinds of activities that happen on the platform.


Mobile and Remote file server access is to ensure you manage data appropriately and avoid the mixing of data. It also protects your data from attackers and hackers so it remains safe throughout. As a manager, you will be able to share data any time without the risk of compromising the data. This is the best way to ensure you don’t have to spend time on your computer for you to share files and other essential documents. You will be able to manage projects and share data while on the go. Have the appropriate and latest version so that you use it seamlessly and without problem.