What Do You Know About Swagbucks?

Have you ever heard of Swagbucks? We will start of by saying that as of this July, if you sign up using the code DWTDWT, you will get a $10 start on the platform. Now, what exactly is Swagbucks? On this website, you can earn gift cards for popular stores and services like Walmart, Amazon, Visa and PayPal. In addition, you can cash out with only $3, or with 300 Swagbucks. Read on to learn how to use this interesting service.

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How to sign up and use Swagbucks


Creating an account and using Swagbucks is quite easy. On their page, enter your email address and choose a password you like. If you have a promo code, put it in as well. Lastly, simply click “Sign Up” and confirm your email by clicking on the link you receive. That is it. You are all set. When you earn your first 300 Swagbucks, you are eligible for a signup bonus. Now that you are all set, you need to use the most that Swagbucks has to offer and earn more.

Getting the most with Swagbucks


You can earn free gift cards with Swagbucks in many different ways, from watching videos to cash back while spending money. Following are the top 7 ways to earn more Swagbucks:

1. Search the web

With this you can earn money for something you already do every day. The search engine that Swagbucks has allows you to navigate the web the same way you usually do it, except here you will earn money. Through this service, they get feedback about the user satisfaction and behavior, and reward you for doing it. The engine is quite alright and does not have any issues while you use it.

2. Play games and earn

Everyone likes playing video games right? So why not earn while you have fun? Swagbucks will pay you play their own games, including memory games as well as some more popular and widespread games including Angry Birds. What better way of making something on the side than video games right?

3. Use their coupons to save and earn

This is a rather unique feature of Swagbucks. They will give you real coupons for food, candy, personal hygiene products, medicine, and much more. However, when you use these to purchase a desired item with a discount, you will also earn more Swagbucks. This means that you will spend and earn at the same time. You also get Swagbucks for simply downloading coupons. There between 100 and 200 different coupons available for many different items and services. Many people who use Swagbucks are there exactly for this feature.

4. Earn by watching videos

This is similar to the gaming thing. If you like watching video, why not earn for it? Simply watch a video, rate it, and look for the next one. Earning Swagbucks like this is perhaps the easiest way of doing it.

5. Get paid to give opinions

Many people give their opinions on topics when nobody even asked them anything. What if you could earn something for sharing your opinions on different surveys? Get paid for your honest feedback. A lot of different surveys are always available, and you will never run out of them.

6. Get cash back on purchases

Another option that glues the users to this service is the cash back program. Swagbucks has partnered with some rather big brands, and when you spend money on their services and products, you will get a certain percentage back in the form of Swagbucks. So, from buying your favorite things that you would buy anyway, earn some money back!

7. Refer friends and family

When you share the platform with the dearest people in your life, you will also earn more Swagbucks. If they apply and start using the service, you will also get more. Therefore, make sure to put in a good work to your family and friends, so that everyone can earn more.


From all of this you can see that Swagbucks makes it quite easy to earn extra. Everyone today watches videos, searches the internet, plays video games, and shops online. And who does not love getting money back, and actually earning while spending? Head on over to Swagbucks and sign up today!