What Are The Most Anticipated Movie DVD’s?

Many people still like to buy DVD’s although some people consider watching shows online is a much better option. DVD’s are great if you want to keep your favourite shows and movies close to you and available at all times. Here is the list of some of the most anticipated movie DVD’s for this year.

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The movie takes place in an Asian city, tells a story about a member of a SWAT unit named Quinn. He rememberes his dark past and his kidnapped young daughter. He unites with Conner, a man who’s wife has also disappeared and they decide to find their obducted loved ones.

Ash Is Purest White

The main character Qiao, played by Zhao Tao, falls in love with a local mobster named Bin. In order to protect him, she killed a man with a gun and went to prison. After being released, she starts to look for Bin so they could reunite.



This movie tells a tragic story about a 14-year-old boy who drowns in a lake. His mother prays for him to come back to this world and be healed.


Dogman presents the life of Marcello, who lives with his daughter Alida in an Italian city. He works in a dog grooming salon in is connected with criminal schemes of Simoncino, who bullies him. After some time Marcello decides to fight for himself and does something no one would expect.



Taylor Schilling  plays the role of Kate Stone, who is a workaholic, hates children and avoids social situations. Kate’s brother Joe asked her to take care of her niece Maddie. Babysitting this awkward 12 year old quickly became a disaster.

Fast Color

Ruth has unusual abilities she can’t control any longer. After a group of people discovered her abilities, she goes to the only place where she feels safe – her childhood home. There she reunites with her mother and daughter, Bo and Lila. After Ruth’s pursuers find her, she faces her demons and remembers her mysterious past.

Little Woods


The movie takes place in a small town in North Dakota and follows the life of Ollie, who is on her last days of probation. After her mother’s death she visits her sister Deb, who admits she is faced with many problems. They have only a few days to pay for the mortgage on their mom’s house or lose everything.

Teen Spirit


Violet is a shy girl with a talent for singing who wants to leave her hometown and chase her dreams. She prepares for a local singing competition and has a mentor who helps her.