5 Most Common Oil Rig Injuries in Dallas

Working on an oil rig has always been dangerous. Whenever they report to work, oil rig workers face potential dangers, such as falls from heights, explosions and fires, and toxic chemical exposure. Even though these workers comply with safety regulations, accidents can still occur, resulting in debilitating injuries, outrageous medical bills, and lost wages.

In such cases, consulting an oil rig injury attorney becomes crucial as this is the surest way to ensure you receive compensation for medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. Below, we highlight the five most common oil rig injuries in Dallas, Texas, and discuss how an oil rig injury attorney can support and guide victims.

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1. Slips And Falls

Oil rig workers work on uneven surfaces, which contributes to the risk of slip-and-fall accidents. In addition, oil rig workers tread on slippery surfaces because during drilling, oil slicks on the land surface, increasing the likelihood of slips and falls.

Slips and falls can cause serious injuries, such as joint dislocations, bone fractures, and spinal cord injuries. Consulting oil rig injury attorneys after sustaining such injuries is always the smartest move because these attorneys specialize in proving negligence, assessing liability, and pursuing the highest compensation possible.

2. Explosions And Fires

Oil rig workers handle combustible materials, making the risk of explosions and fire a daily concern. Victims of explosions and fires can suffer severe burns, which destroy all layers of the skin, as well as tendons, muscles, and bones, middle ear damage, and traumatic brain injury.

Oil rig injury attorneys understand the severity of these injuries on victims’ lives. They can help victims file lawsuits, navigate the legal process, and fight to ensure that these victims recover rightful compensation for their injuries.

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3. Exposure To Harmful Substances

Working in an oil rig is dangerous because it exposes workers to harmful substances, such as petroleum coke, sulfur dioxide, and hydrofluoric acid. Prolonged exposure to these substances can weaken the immune system, cause respiratory problems, and cause neurological disorders.

Oil rig injury attorneys know that chemical exposure can take a toll on workers’ health. As such, they can help workers establish liability, prove negligence, and seek compensation from the parties responsible for providing adequate safety measures or providing a safe working environment.

4. Machine And Equipment Accidents

Some oil rig operations are performed using heavy machines and equipment, increasing the likelihood of machine or equipment-caused accidents. These accidents can involve inadequate training, malfunctioning machines or equipment, or poor maintenance, and they often result in crush injuries, amputations, and, unfortunately, death.

Oil rig injury attorneys have access to resources such as surveillance footage and accident reconstruction experts and can help workers prove liability, pursue legal action against responsible parties, and secure fair compensation.

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5. Motor Vehicle Accidents

In oil rigs, transportation accidents usually involve vehicles, and they often occur when vehicles are commuting between the oil rig and the mainland. Transportation accidents can be caused by adverse weather conditions or driver errors, and they may lead to severe injuries, including fractures, head trauma, and spinal cord injuries.

Skilled oil rig injury attorneys can guide workers through the legal process, ensuring they get the compensation they deserve for their injuries, current and future medical expenses, and lost wages.

Secure Justice And Compensation By Hiring Oil Rig Injury Attorneys

Oil rig workers are susceptible to numerous risks and potential dangers on the drilling site. Should these workers sustain work-related injuries, oil rig injury attorneys play an important role in protecting the workers’ rights, presenting their case in court, and ensuring they receive the highest compensation possible for their injuries.

With an attorney on board, they can focus on their recovery while the professionals fight for their rights.