Top 10 Most Popular RnB Songs – 2024 Guide

2024 has brought us some absolute gems from the RnB genre, while artists have enjoyed relative success. We’re slowly coming to the end of the year, so we decided to take a look at the summer RnB hits that made it just that much better. Our list includes popular artists such as H.E.R and others that made a name for themselves. So without further ado, here is our list of top 10 most popular RnB songs of 2024. Our list is suggested by, a popular website where you can download free music to your phone.

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1. Snoh Aalegra – “Whoa”

An artist that has enjoyed relative success in Snoh Aalega, a Sweedish Iranian-born singer that has captured out hearth with her newest album “Ugh, Those Feels Again”. But from her collection of breathtaking RnB songs, we had to single out one of them. “Whoa” is probably the best thing you’ll hear from her album, and it will drive your emotions wild. This song is not only magnificent to listen, but it also makes you feel like – yeah, it definitely feels accurate.

2. Summer Walker – “Playing Games”

The music video for Summer Walker’s newest RnB hit single, “Playing Games” premiered on October 8th. Currently, it has over 9.8 million YouTube hits and is becoming a sensation in the RnB genre. Judging by the song itself she is looking for attention, but the song is supposed to make you empathize whenever you’re feeling lonely in a relationship. The Atlanta singer has had enough of louse boyfriends, and all she wants is to be hugged, kissed, and loved.

3. BJ The Chicago Kid – “Feel the Vibe”

A lesser-known artist but one that definitely knows what RnB is all about, BJ the Chicago Kid’s “Feel the Vide” needs more views than what it currently has on YouTube. As a matter of fact, this song is featured on the summer playlist of the former president of the United States Barack Obama. If you’re wondering how the frick does the former president know about this kid, then you’re doubting his taste in good music. With all that said, we’re expecting BJ the Chicago Kid to explode in popularity in recent months, with his hit song “Feel the Vibe” propelling him to greatness.

4. Teyana Taylor – “How You Want It?”

If you’re looking for a song that changed the summer, Teyana Taylor has it for you. Debuting on August 2nd, Teyana Taylor’s hit single “How You Want It?” put a mark on the RnB community. With more than 18 million YouTube hits, “How You Want It?” is everything you want from a 1997-style RnB hits. While fans were surprised that her last album, K.T.S.E wasn’t the usual 90s aesthetics, she definitely made it up to fans with this single.

5. H.E.R. ft YBN Cordae – “Racks”

Fans certainly got mixed feelings when they saw H.E.R. collaborating with YBN Cordae on a song, but they proved everyone wrong with “Racks”. At first, the lyrics didn’t really seem in place, with some verses sounding rather strange coming out of H.E.R.’s mouth. But when the tune kicked in, it all came back to light and we were taken back with a H.E.R. classic. A lot of props have to be given to TBN Cordae for not making the song fall into the Rap category, and he c certainly managed to adjust to the RnB soul.

6. Ilham – Back and Forth

Yet another artist that the world needs to hear more of, Ilham gave us a summer song resembling the hot American weather and the difficulties of maintaining a relationship. Much like Summer Walker

‘s “Playing Games”, “Back and Forth” speaks from the soul of a woman that wants to be cuddled, kissed, loved, and paid attention to. The song is a must-listen hit from her album “If you Know, You Know” and is nothing short of an honest story of how relationships easily break down due to the other person losing interest.

7. Normani – “Motivation”

If we’re talking about catchy summer RnB hits, then “Motivation” from Normani is the track to tune into. With more than 70 million views on YouTube, “Motivation” is the fastest-growing single on our list. The song is a classic Fifth Harmony tune as Normani tries to make her name stand out from the rest. The music video is proof that Normani could do it all, sing, dance, and even make you jump through the roof with those body dances.

8. Bryson Tiller – “Blame”

If we have any critics to give, it would be to Bryson Tiler’s “Blame” for not making the song longer than 2 minutes. “Blame” is yet another RnB soul crusher that tells us how bad relationship breakups truly are. How a person can have his soul taken out by another. With more than 7 million views in the past four months, it seems that people sympathize with Bryson and do actually know how messy breakups are. We have to admit, the song really reminds us of Kanye West’s “The Blame Game” so bonus points for bringing back memories.

9. Ari Lennox ft Omen, Ty Dolla $ign and Dreezy – “Got Me”

J.Coles “Revenge of the Dreamers III” showed us a new way to produce music, with pose cuts being very trendy. However, one song that has its fair share of pose cuts is “Got Me”. An RnB song turned Rap is what we needed on this list. Two rappers and two RnB singers managed to make a masterpiece that needs more attention from the viewers. We previously expressed concerns about rap having too much influence on RnB, but “Got Me” is a song that we’re more than happy to be proved wrong.

10. Mariah the Scientist – Thanks 4 Nothing

The last song on our list is dedicated to all the people that the cat has their tongue. If you haven’t heard this song, then we’re talking about the struggle some people have to say the word thank you. But “Thanks 4 Nothing” isn’t about thinking; it’s about thanking people for nothing. It’s about hurting and sleepless nights. It’s all about how miserable some relationships can be nowadays.