Online Grocery Shopping: 5 Reasons Consumers Aren’t Buying In

The idea of online grocery shopping seems quite appealing rather than battling lines on a Friday or Saturday trying to purchase food for the weekend. This has yet to catch on in the highest sense as people are still going to the grocery store consistently.

Unlike online shopping which has taken a toll on physical retail stores online grocery stores have done little to impact their brick and mortar stores. A big obvious reason is that people are not used to shopping online for their food. The older demographic that might be comfortable ordering products online might not feel that comfort doing so with food as it is simply too new of an idea. The following are 5 reasons consumers aren’t buying in when it comes to online grocery shopping.

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Customers Want To See Which Item They Are Buying

Produce is the number one thing that people touch to make sure that it is ripe. For those people that are purchasing for a long period might want to choose something that is not quite ripe so it ripens and does not spoil as quickly. Everyone checks eggs before they buy them to make sure none are broken in the carton.

Filing for a refund for one broken egg when ordering online or for a tomato that comes delivered rotten is more of a hassle than it is worth. People do not want to waste food and want to make sure they receive what they want instead of what someone picks for them.

Online Shopping Isn’t As Convenient As You Might Think 

Roaming the aisles at a grocery store can help a person remember certain items they did not put on their grocery list. Having to order multiple times and pay the delivery fee due to forgetting something is nothing short of a nightmare. There are frequently in-store deals as well as that are not offered online so this is also something to keep in mind. 

Privately Owned Butchers Or Farmer’s Markets

Home delivered meats present a problem for some people thinking the meat will not be fresh by the time it arrives. In fact, many of these online grocery stores take every precaution to make sure the meat is as fresh as possible. Ordering lobsters online can leave you opening a box with the lobsters still moving so this is what someone would consider very fresh. Visit here to order now!

Sometimes, people that have gone to the same butcher for years like to ask what they have that is good. This interaction between two people that have been seeing each other weekly for decades will be hard to replace with online ordering.

We Want Our Food NOW, Not In A Few Hours

People want to go home and immediately start prepping for dinner in some cases. Even with a few hour delivery times this will still be longer than it takes people to get in and out of the store. The ability to spend a few minutes picking up a few last second items is far easier than having a meal held hostage by a delivery driver that may or may not be on time. 

Going Into The Store Is Cheaper

The most obvious part of all of this is that it is cheaper to go into the store. There are no online markups or delivery fees which is important for those people on tight budgets for the month in terms of food. Online grocery delivery is going to have a tough time beating the price of a brick and mortar store so this could always be an issue.

Online grocery shopping is growing but it will continue to take time for people to adjust. Consumers do not like change in specific circumstances but with time this could change.