The Parental Apps You Can Use in 2024 to Keep Your Child Safe

The world is growing in population and evolving its technology. There was a time when digital devices were only with the rich ones and it was a want for the common man.

However, in the last two decades, things have drastically changed and digital devices that were a want have now become a need. No one can avoid this and fight with this. So it is best if you accept it and go with the flow.

However, for parents with kids of generation-z, it is a difficult thing to do so.

On one side internet exposes a lot of threats like cyberbullying, predators, phishing, adult content and influence. But they don’t have much of a choice when it comes to deciding whether to give them access or not because these days most of the research and homework are done via the help of the internet.

But wherever there is an issue there is always a solution. Here are apps with which you can assure your children are safe in the virtual world.

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FamiSafe app is one of the best on the market. They have all the things you will need to protect your young one. What differentiates it from all the other ones is it’s amazing monthly, quarterly and annual packages.

Also, you can control multiple devices using this app on every device and monitoring it by one. It not only works in the virtual world but also comes in handy in dealing with real-world problems. Parents have been very fond of the app and it has great reviews on the sit. You might want to check it out once – thank me later!

Family Time

The reason we chose this phone tracker app to be on our list is that it allows the user to customize everything. This way you can decide what content your little one is allowed to see and which one is completely off-limits.

Also with the set screen time and home you can assure that the things in their life are balanced. Also if it is a teenager who is at the age that they can go out by themselves this application will help you track their routes and make sure that they are not entering into the dangerous parts of the city.


Are you a working parent and also someone who doesn’t have too much tech know-how? Then this app is tailor-made for you. It will give you all the data of the young one’s phone in a glance and can make sure that in your absence they are not doing things you wouldn’t want them doing. The developers at Quatodio know how guilty working mothers feel but with this helping them they can do all their work at peace.

This will help you set time limits so that you can be sure that they have been just been on the screen the whole time you were on your job. It is also customizable as developers understand that with too much interference they can feel suffocated and at certain age teenagers know enough difference between the bad and good things. The best part about this is that it works on both kindle and Macs which is an option not available in many parental apps

ESET Parental Control

Are your family that hate Apple and mostly use Android devices – hey I am with you! This is specifically made for those Android lovers as it only works on android phones. There is a free version of this that gives you basic features you need like web guarding, blocking, screen time limits and monitoring.

Meanwhile, the premium version offers much more than that it will give location monitoring, social media tracking and all other things in detail. One thing that differentiates it from all the other apps out there is that if you send your child a message they have to answer it otherwise they won’t be able to use the device. Isn’t that cool? How will they avoid listening to you now!

Norton Family Premier

If you are looking, for a budget-friendly option and not too keen on spending a lot. Then this is perfect for you it will give you all the features that you will need to keep an eye out on their devices and habits. The only fall back to this device is that it will not work with MACs.

Net Nanny

This app is just like a caretaker of your little one in the virtual world in your absence. It has solid blocking and even if they are smart and try to break through the walls through hacks. They will get stuck in quite a pickle. This is smart enough to beat them at their games. Albeit the app is expensive and a little difficult in setting up. But anything for their safety right, no compromises there – the consequences can be dangerous.

Circle Home Plus

If you have a little bit older kids and you don’t want to be as strict as pother parents. The reason being that you’re friends with them also they are comfortable enough to tell you their problems.

Hence the only limit you would want to put on them would be screen times because it is the hardest thing to take them away from their screen. However, with this, you won’t have to worry as they will be using the phone for a set amount of time. This device will be kept in your lounge. Pretty similar looking like Google echo and is also very easy to set up – you don’t have to be a tech nerd to deal with this

These are all things that will assist you but when parenting you have to keep an eye on your offspring at all times and make them your priority. Make them comfortable enough to talk to you when they are stuck with problems instead of hitting pr punishing them when they do wrong things