How Much Should You Really Be Paying For Car Insurance?

While purchasing adequate car insurance in Canada is mandatory, automobile owners habitually tend to be on the affordable end. Have you ever considered how much you should pay your insurer to cover your vehicle? This is a tough call to make since the equation factors in several aspects like the car’s make and model, location, driving record, age, and gender.

Canadians generally pay a significant amount for their annual car insurance. While this bracket is wide indeed, it’s natural to wonder, ‘How much should I be paying for car insurance exactly?’

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The average insurance cost in Canadian provinces


Demographically, each province in Canada remains exposed to specific perils. This largely determines the respective insurance cost in each area. While some provinces are more prone to natural calamities like floods, others might be crowded or experience more instances like theft. Eventually, each peril casts its share of impact on the insurance premium.

Let’s find out how much should you be paying for car insurance in different Canadian provinces.

  • British Columbia: $ 1,832
  • Ontario: $1,528
  • Alberta: $1,316
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: $1,168
  • Saskatchewan: $1,235
  • Nova Scotia: $891
  • Manitoba: $1,140
  • New Brunswick: $867
  • Quebec: $717
  • Prince Edward Island: $861

As you observe, insurance rates vary significantly from province to province. While cars are easy to insure in provinces like Quebec and Prince Edward Island, owners must shell out almost double the premium in British Columbia and Ontario.

Why is car insurance so expensive in Edmonton?


Well, insuring your car in Edmonton can be extremely expensive. The average annual insurance premium that Edmonton residents pay is around $2,124. This is higher than most other cities and provinces in Canada. It is far more than other cities in Alberta, such as Lethbridge, Sherwood Park, Fort McMurray, Alcomdale, and Blackfalds.

Here’s why car insurers charge higher premiums from Edmonton residents.

1. High population density

The high population density in Edmonton happens to be the prime reason behind increased insurance rates in the city. The roads carry a large vehicle load, exposing your car to accidents. Compared to many other cities in Canada, Edmonton carries an ill record of a higher number of insurance claims. Naturally, insurers consider car owners in Edmonton to be riskier clients. They compensate for their loss by charging a higher premium.

2. Use of cell phones


Distracted driving is the reason for thousands of convictions in Alberta. Drivers in this province habitually commit the mistake of using their cell phones while driving.

In Alberta, there were around 24,000 convictions for distracted driving while using a cell phone (between 2012 and 2019)! This explains why insurers consider their residents high-risk customers and charge higher premiums while insuring their vehicles.

3. Low use of public transit

The use of public transportation facilities in a city is one of the parameters insurers consider while calculating premiums. In Edmonton, the citizens hardly use public transportation facilities. This implies that the roads would have a higher number of private vehicles. Naturally, more vehicles render pedestrians and other cars at risk of accidents.

4. High number of vehicle thefts

Established insurers factor in instances of car theft in a particular city while calculating premiums. As a resident of Edmonton, you know how susceptible your vehicle is. Edmonton Police have also acknowledged the rising trend in car thefts. Naturally, the ripple effect ends up increasing the car insurance premiums in the city.

 How to reduce your automobile insurance cost in Canada


Let’s have a look at some strategic ways in which you can try and reduce your car insurance cost in Canada. Regardless of the province you are in; these guidelines will help you remain on the affordable end.

Pay more deductible

Do you file a claim for the smallest damages or scratches that your vehicle incurs? This can have a negative bearing on your car’s insurance premiums. Rather, it would be wise to pay a higher upfront cost in case of damage by increasing your deductible. This minimizes your risk profile, which can slash premiums to some extent.

Consult a broker

Top car insurance brokers in Canada can help you benefit from their rebates. They also remain abreast with the best insurance deals from multiple companies. So, once you get in touch with an automobile insurance broker, they will negotiate the best deal for you. Even if you reside in British Columbia, Ontario, or Alberta, you can expect your premiums to dip considerably.

Choose the necessary coverage

While liability insurance is mandatory in Canada, you can skip some addons like flood damage and earthquake damage. This decision largely depends on the risk to which your vehicle remains susceptible.

Combine insurance policies

Purchasing insurance policies for multiple cars from the same company can help you bag handsome discounts. Likewise, clubbing your home and automobile insurance can also help you wrest some savings. When you purchase these policies from the same provider, they offer some generous discounts.

How much should I be paying for car insurance in Edmonton? — Endnote


You now know the answer to the question, ‘how much should I be paying for car insurance?’. Residents in Quebec or Prince Edward Island should consider themselves lucky to enjoy reasonably low premiums. However, you needn’t repent if you reside in provinces where car insurance premiums can hurt your wallet. On consulting established insurance brokers like Surex, you can find affordable policies and compare multiple quotes quickly.

This way, you can settle for adequate coverage without stressing your finances. Reputed insurance advisors also assist their clients in filing their claims. With dedicated support from experienced brokers, purchasing your auto insurance policy in Canada should be a pleasant experience that takes up very little time or energy.