8 Excellent Platforms For Building Mobile Apps

With the massive use of smartphones today, having an official app is a great way to promote your business and attract more clients. However, you will need an advanced knowledge of programming and computer science to become able to create a proper app. On the other hand, with the development of digital services, many platforms could help us to make an app even with a lack of knowledge and experience.

Also, it is a much cheaper option to use that kind of service instead of hiring a professional app developer. On the other side, if you want to get an app made by professionals, you can visit KitelyTech, which is a company specialized in offering various solutions and building complex and high-quality smartphone applications.

Furthermore, app-developing platforms require some level of knowledge about creating apps, but with tutorials that are widely available today, you should be able to succeed in the process. Apps are especially beneficial for online stores, which became the most popular selling solution today. Here are some of the best online platforms for building mobile apps.

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1. Mobile Roadie


This platform can create apps for both Android and iOS devices and has support for various formats of content and the ability to import RSS feeds, Google, and Twitter. Also, there is the ability to look at your app from the back-end aspect and allow you to see the experience that it will provide to users. Moreover, Mobile Roadie has an innovative system that could help you in deciding which type of content is the most appropriate to share. Furthermore, you can also set the notifications system, where users could receive news about the most recent content and changes on your app.

2. Good Barber


With this online service, you can create both apps and web applications. The main benefit of using Good Barber is that you don’t need any knowledge in coding since it does not require you to write any codes. The whole system is based on plugins and templates, which means that your only job is to take care of the proper design. When it comes to some advanced features, there are push notifications available, along with the ability to let users share various content over your app. When it comes to pricing, the monthly subscription is $96 for iOS and $32 for Android.

3. AppMachine


The main advantage of App Machine is that it provides you with a simple interface and a drag and drop system where you can easily combine various templates and plugins along with other materials to create an app by your preferences. Also, adding videos, photos, music, and other content is quite simple as well. Moreover, the App Machine is responsible for sharing the app in the app store. The Basic plan costs around $50 per month.

4. BiznessApps


If you own a small company and you are interested in creating an app to promote your brand online, BiznessApps is a platform that offers you a simple process where you can easily get a smartphone app in the exact way you desire. There are many useful features that you can add, such as a messaging system, shopping cart, ordering option, notifications, analytics, and more, which makes it perfect for online stores.

Nonetheless, there is a separate chart on the website of BiznessApps, where you can learn more about efficient methods for creating a proper application. You can choose between two payment plans, where you will have to pay around $100 per month for a Single App program, and $250 for advanced version that is excellent for online stores.

5. ShoutEm


If you need some more advanced options related to monetization, analytics, engagement, and sharing content, you should check out ShoutEm online platform. Also, there is a wide selection of other platforms that you can input in the app, such as Twitter, WordPress, SoundCloud, Youtube, and more. This is another great solution for owners of online stores since you add features like monetization, discounts for loyal customers, coupons, subscription service, and more. Moreover, it is available for both Android and iOS apps, with the prices of $99 for Apple and $59 for the Android version.

6. TheAppsBuilder


This is one of the most complex platforms that allows you to create apps with advanced features. Also, you can choose an option where you can get training or help from the experts that are working in this company. Also, you can make apps available for both Google App Store and Apple Store. The main benefit is a wide selection of customizing templates and increased security. One of the best features is that you can introduce an app where users could register and create their profiles, which can bring a higher quality of communication with the clients.

7. Appy Pie


Appy Pie represents a simple app-creating platform where you can design a program for the smartphone by using a simple drag-and-drop system. Also, when you finish with your creation, you can open it on various devices for better testing, which includes PC as well. From a wide selection of features that you could add, we have to mention analytics, GPS tracking system, monetization with ads, and the integration of other websites, videos, photos, and other content. Also, this platform is one of the rare that you can use for free, while a premium version costs $50 per month.

8. GameSalad


For people who are more interested in creating apps for entertainment than for business, we advise you to check GameSalad, which is an online platform where you can develop mobile games without any knowledge in coding. It also has a simple dragging system for plugins and templates, and your main job is to create actions, stories, scenes, and other important things related to the game you wish to create. Moreover, there is a separate chart where you can game in any stadium to see what other developers have to say and advise you. There are two plans available, one is for people who want to learn more about creating games, and another for people who wish to make a full video game, and share it on app stores.