Five Big-Time Benefits of Playing Video Games for NFL Athletes

The eSports world is captivating and sometimes intimidating for people who are just getting into it. But the gaming industry is growing and stacking a consumer base with each new generation.

Those who make NFL expert picks like to make fun of players having a bad game when a new video game releases. It is funny, sure, and there are great jokes that come out of it, but gaming is not all bad.

In fact, there are many benefits to athletes playing video games that will help not only them on the field but off of it and in their pockets. Here are five ways that playing video games can be a benefit for NFL players.

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Making Decisions


There are often times when someone has to make a quick decision, whether the quarterback on where to throw the ball or a defender on timing when to get off for the snap or try and break up a pass. Those snap judgments are instincts for most who have played the game of football over the years.

But players can become better decision-makers by playing video games. Various games move quickly, and that means that gamers will have to make quick decisions. The best part of it all is that there is instant feedback, and then there are great opportunities to improve on those decisions for the next time.

Hand-eye Coordination

Going along with those split judgements is the ability to execute what one is trying to do. A popular phrase among football coaches and players at all levels is “read and react.”

That phrase is something that sticks out to gamers, too. Being able to read and react to different strategies in a video game can be the difference between winning and losing. That could mean rotating in a gun game once it is realized the opponent did not go to one side of the map. It could simply be to a breaking ball in a baseball video game or to what a defense is doing in another game.

But in order for someone to read and react, they have to know the mechanics and movements of the games in order to do what they want to do. Of course, that takes practice over time, but it also is important to develop that hand-eye coordination.

While the skill sets are different as it translates to the gridiron, it is still important to develop and identify those skills that can help in the long run.

Brand Building


In the era of streaming, it is great for NFL players to connect with their fans. Many popular players are not only playing video games but doing so online. It allows them an opportunity to shed light on their personalities.

It is also important because they can prove they are more than an athlete who drops a pass. Sports are so aggressive with fans who get upset over simple things, which can often lead to death threats.

Having a space to be calm, make jokes, answer questions, and be themselves is great, and it is something that many players do. Of course, it helps their pockets by gaining some cash.

Communication Skills

For those who stream, it is double the importance of communication. They both have to communicate with whoever they are playing with, but also whoever they are streaming to.

Being a good communicator is something that is needed in all stages of life, whether for an athlete or not. But the NFL players will have all different types of personalities and can learn how to manage those as they play with strangers or even in the comfort of their friends when things get heated.

There is no denying the teamwork and communication that needs to occur in order to win, whether it is a business project, a video game, or the Super Bowl.

Film Study


Believe it or not, there are NFL players who use the video game Madden to show off their skills. Being able to dissect plays in real time is how backup Kurt Benkert has made a following. It is a great way to read different schemes and showcase that.