Mineral Powder Has Become a Popular Makeup Product

While some women are lucky to have normal skin, in other cases due to hereditary factors, many women have oily skin. This adversely affects their appearance , making them look darker than they are. The oily skin is also attracting a lot of dust and dirt, adversely affecting the appearance. So a large number of women are looking for products which will make their skin look less oily.

While there are some foundation products, they are liquids and are not very effective. So increasingly women are opting to use mineral powder to make their skin look less oily and hide blemishes. To check products about mineral powder, you may check https://www.ishopchangi.com/en/category/beauty/makeup.

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The mineral powder is derived from Jeju natural minerals or similar natural products. Jeju mineral is derived from the lava of the Jeju volcano in South Korea and is very effective in absorbing oil. This makes it one of the most popular mineral powders used on the face. Mint and other extracts are added to the mineral powder for a pleasant fragrance. Though some women use a brush for applying the mineral powder to their face, usually a puff is provided for applying the powder to the face. If a brush is used, it should be cleaned periodically to prevent bacteria and dirt build up.


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The mineral powder is used extensively by women for their skin to remain oil free and soft. The powder will absorb the excess oil which is produced by the skin. Many women are using the mineral powder to replace the makeup they use to make the skin look blemish free. Makeup can be applied over the mineral powder and it will not become patchy, since the powder will absorb any excess oil. The skin will not look shiny, it will have a matt finish. The powder will not clog pores, and it will make the pores look smaller, less noticeable. Many women use the product more in summer when temperatures are higher, and they will sweat more.

Packaging and price

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One of the reasons why mineral powder is one of the most popular products in many online stores is because it is available in compact packaging of five grams. This compact powder box can be easily carried while traveling. Each mineral power box is also priced affordably, usually at less than $10, which is far less than most of the other cosmetic products which are available online and offline. For lower prices and to save money, women who use mineral powder frequently can purchase larger quantities, packs of four or more powder boxes at a time.


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Though it is a popular product, some of the online stores do not have the mineral powder used as a makeup alternative in stock. In Singapore mineral powder has become one of the most popular cosmetic products in some online stores since it is very effective in covering the blemishes and is affordably priced. Buyers can purchase the product online and get it delivered to the address they specify. They can also purchase the mineral powder at the airport if they are arriving at or departing from Singapore airport.

Composition of mineral makeup

Different manufacturers use their signature ingredients. However, the basic and main ingredients include;

  1. The iron oxide goes well with the skin type and color. So you have to pay close attention to this aspect while buying it.
  2. Zinc oxide. It acts as a natural sunblock and thus, protects your skin against the harmful UV radiations of Sun. In addition to this, it also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  3. Titanium dioxide. It is another natural pigment that acts as a sunscreen and provides you with a layer of protection.
  4. The main purpose of makeup is to give an instant glow-up. Thus, Mineral powder also has Mica powder. It has shimmer and it provides an instant glow when you use it.

4 ways to use mineral powder

By using mineral powder, you get an instant glow with a more natural look. So if you do not want to have a cakey face coverage or it is too hot out there, you can use it as your complete makeup. Here are 4 different ways of carrying it.

1. Use it as a foundation

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You can create a great base with a natural look. Mineral powders blend easily and seamlessly with your skin type. Thus, you can have a glowing complexion and a perfect base texture. So, if you do not want to apply a foundation or BB cream, you should avoid it. Instead, you can use this powder.

2. Translucent powder

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Using a translucent powder is a necessity after using your base. It gives a perfect finishing over your concealer and foundation. Using a mineral powder will let you have an extremely lightweight cover with a blendable texture. Thus, you will get your perfect skin tone.

3. Do contouring

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If you want to enhance your cheekbones and jawline and do not have a contour kit, you can use this. You should not use a very dark shade for contour because it will make you look artificial. However, the trick to getting the perfect no-makeup look is to use a slightly darker shade.

Furthermore, mineral powder blends very easily and goes well with your makeup. Firstly, you won’t have a prominent darker color. Secondly, there won’t be a cakey look. The mineral powder comes in different shades. So you can find the right shade for contouring.

4. Shine control

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Summers bring a lot of problems for makeup lovers. Even if your makeup is waterproof and of high quality, it will still cause problems. Your skin will find it hard to breathe and thus, the pores will clog and you might have a breakout. Furthermore, there will be a lot of shine on your face and your skin oil will make it worse.

The best solution here is to use this mineral powder. It doesn’t create a waterproof layer and thus, allows your skin to breathe. In addition to this, you will still have that perfect makeup look with a minimum foundation.