The Beauty of Diversity: Exploring the Different Types of Leather Bags

The bag is a part of our overall look and therefore, it plays an important role in our fashion statement. This is the reason that we have to carefully choose the types and styles of bags that we carry. But before that, it is important what you purchase from the market.

When you go shopping, you will see many different kinds and styles of bags. What you choose and buy are your style and choice. But one of the designs and materials that never goes out of fashion is leather. Therefore, a lot of people prefer purchasing leather bags.

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Why choose leather bags?


Firstly, because they have a good quality and long service life. Secondly, they are an evergreen piece of style. And lastly, you can carry them in different styles. In addition to this, they give you a luxury experience. And even if you are looking for a specific style, you can find it in leather.

Previously, leather designs were limited and there was not much innovation in them. However, now you can find a variety of styles. For example, you can find leather tote bags here at If you do not want a tote bag, you can look for other designs here as well. They have a wide collection of leather bags so you will find plenty of styles too.

But what types of leather bags are in trend and a must-to-have in your wardrobe? Let’s find out.

1 – Leather backpack


Leather backpacks are never out of the fashion. The only thing that differs is you. This bag very much affects your overall look so you should take the backpack according to your dress. For example, if you are going to a party, you will probably not carry it with you. Likewise, if you are a college student and you need to carry your stuff, this will be the best choice.

Likewise, you can take it for the office too and of course, hiking as well. It is leather so it can handle heavy weights really well. Thus, you will be able to take your laptop or other stuff along with you easily. Furthermore, a backpack offers you more space where you can carry more things.

And leather backpacks are very much gender neutral. So even if you are purchasing it, you won’t need to worry about your style. It suits both men and women equally.

2 – Tote bag


Another popular style among bags is the tote. You will find tote bags in different materials but of course, leather ones are the best ones. Like any other tote bag, leather totes also provide only one single compartment. You will have two straps that will allow you a place to carry the bag.

Furthermore, the handling straps are usually large. This length makes it comfortable for you to carry the bag the way you want. For example, you can carry it in your hands or wear it on your shoulder.

As for the single compartment, it comes in two styles, open and closed. So your bag will come with either a single magnetic button or in zipper style. Therefore, it completely depends on your taste and choice. If you have stuff that needs closure, you should go for a closed-style tote.

3 – Saddle Bag


The next option that you will have is a Saddle bag. It is a medium-sized bag and has been used as a cross bag. It got its name from the horse saddle as it is shaped just like that. In addition to this, it was initially used for horses as well. Horsemen used to hang a bag around either side of their horse. Thus, they had a place where they could put their stuff.

The leather material used for making this bag is a thick Veg-tanned one. Furthermore, there are often equestrian motifs engraved on the leather as well. These engraved motifs give the bag an attractive style and design.

4 – Baguette Bag


Baguette is also one of the most commonly used bag designs. However, despite being a common design, leather bags have their own grace and therefore, they give you an elegant look.

This bag got its name from the French bread loaf and just because it resembles its shape. You can carry this bag on your shoulder or can also carry it in your hand. The strap is not much longer therefore, you cannot wear it as a cross bag.

This bag came to the market in contrast to the very famous tote design. Tote is bigger in size and can hold stuff. On the other hand, a Baguette is a bit smaller in size and can still hold a lot of things but of course, not the bigger ones like a laptop.

You will also find a slightly different but somewhat similar design, which is the Barrel bag. It is cylindrical in shape and small in size. As for the straps, you will have both shorter and longer straps.

5 – Trapezoid bag


This one is quite famous among female stars and celebrities. Furthermore, it has a vast classification. Therefore, even if you are going for a specific brand, you can find at least one Trapezoid bag there. However, having this style in leather is a different kind of satisfaction.

One of the most iconic bags in the trapezoid category is the Kelly bag. The reason for its popularity is that it is designed by Hermes and the one carrying it was “Grace Kelly”, the Princess of Monaco. This is also the reason that this bag is quite common among celebrities.

6 – Drawstring bag


A drawstring bag is quite common nowadays. It looks stylish and attractive. What’s more, it can hold a lot of things. Therefore, if you are trying to get a leather bag, you can choose this one. The drawstring style goes well with any style you wear.

Final words

There are different designs and styles of leather bags and you can choose the one that suits you the best. So look at what you need and then purchase the bag.