Where to Find PPE Trendy Face Masks

Face masks are a new feature of life during the coronavirus pandemic, and it looks like they are here to stay. Even as some states begin the process of reopening, many still mandate that their citizens wear them in public. Even in those states that do not mandate them, many people wear them regardless in an effort to protect themselves and others from the coronavirus.

On the fun side, face masks have become another way to show off your sense of fashion. While a few high-end brands have launched fashion-forward options in the past, they’re just now become a wardrobe staple.

As social-distancing measures are loosened and we begin to see our family and friends again, you should invest in masks that match your personal style. Below are places to look for trendy face masks to match any outfit.

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Solid Masks


While many companies are coming out with face masks that match their brands, it can be difficult to find a plain solid-colored one like this.

Watch out for generic products that have valves to make it easier to breathe through the mask. You should avoid these as they allow virus particles to escape and are banned in some jurisdictions.

This may seem irrelevant if everyone around you is also wearing one, but there is little evidence that they protect the wearer from contracting the virus. Reusable cloth masks are mainly meant to keep you from spreading the virus but do not reliably prevent you from contracting the virus.

How to wear them

The benefit of a generic mask is the same as the benefit of the timeless solid-colored T-shirt. They can match anything and can ground an otherwise loud outfit.

You can also buy generic masks and decorate them to make them personal. This is a way for people without sewing skills or a sewing machine to get in on the personalization trend. Plus, an arts and crafts project can help keep you busy after you have already tried these things to do during the quarantine.

Branded Masks


Lots of brands have begun manufacturing cloth masks in a demonstration of solidarity in this time of crisis. To find these, you should look on your favorite brand’s website. Some popular brands quickly sold out online, meaning you might have to join a waiting list.

You can buy a branded face mask from a small local business to show your support for the community. Many people who have the means have been trying to support small businesses that are suffering as a result of social distancing mandates.

How to wear them

Branded clothing shares the simplicity of solid-colored clothing. If you want your face mask to be the focus of your outfit you should dress in muted colors to make it pop. If you are looking to make it part of a put-together look, you can dress a bit more creatively.

Just make sure that your face mask is the only piece of clothing with text on it. Too much text can distract from your look and overwhelm your outfit.

Personalized Masks


There are a number of options for buying personalized face masks. There are many sellers on Etsy that will add custom text or a monogram to your it, too. When you purchase from a seller on the site, you will be supporting a small business, which is a benefit to buying products on Etsy.

If none of the styles on Etsy suit you, you can personalize a face mask on Zazzle. The site allows you to add an image or text to add personal flair.

You might also want to consider commissioning a design or a face mask from a local artist or tailor. This will be significantly more expensive than buying from Etsy or Zazzle, but it allows you to support small artists.

How to wear them

How you wear this kind of face mask really depends on the kind of design you choose. When you are choosing your design or text, keep your personal style in mind. Try to visualize the kind of outfit you would wear with this face mask as you are ordering.

Patterned Masks


Patterned masks are all over the place online. They are sold by small and large businesses alike. You should shop for your face mask with the kind of pattern you like in mind. You will want to look in different places for different kinds of patterns. Etsy is a good place to find unique fashion-forward patterns, but they are far from your only choice.

How to wear them

Patterns are a great way to show off your personality and style. For a bright colored pattern, be intentional about how it pairs with the rest of your outfit. Wearing a pattern that clashes with the rest of your outfit will make it look like you threw it on as an afterthought.

You have more laxity with subtle patterns but ensure that it still matches the general theme of your outfit.

Correctly Wearing Face Masks


While face masks have become something of a fashion trend, they are first and foremost a public health trend. Preventing the spread of the coronavirus is more important than how you look during this time.

When wearing your mask, ensure that it covers both your mouth and your nose. Ideally, it should create a seal around your mouth and nose. To do this, it is essential that you are wearing the right size face mask. It should fit snuggly and have minimal gaps.

Make sure you wash your hands before putting on your face mask. This will help keep it sanitary. You should wash them after each use to maintain their cleanliness. While you are wearing one, avoid touching it or reaching under it to touch your face.

Even as stay-at-home orders are being lifted, consider maintaining strict social distancing. As many of us feel that we desperately need a haircut, it is not worth possible hospitalization and death. You would be doing the community a favor by staying at home until the pandemic has largely run its course.