7 Tips For Preparing Your Child for Their Trip to the Dentist

Children can be exposed to many teeth problems just like grownups, and many of those problems can be prevented if taken to the dentist at an early age, around three years. A dentist’s visit is not a trip anyone looks forward to, but dentists have learned how to make the dental rooms and visiting areas friendlier and more enjoyable, especially for children. When introduced to the dentist early, the child becomes accustomed to the visits making it easy for future check-ups. This is highly important if you want your child to have healthier and stronger teeth later in life. It is always a good thing to prevent anything you can then treat it afterwards.

However, before planning the trip, some considerations have to be made. Make sure you choose a dentist that has good patient manners and is god especially with children. If the kids get scared of the doctor early on there is more chance that they will flee every next examination or tooth problem they encounter later in life. Ensure you have gathered all necessary information about the doctor and after that make an appointment to discuss your concerns and questions.

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1. The dentist of your choice is essential

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Ample time needs to be taken to get the best dentist for your child. Ensure the dentist of your choice is baby-friendly; that is, they are approachable, friendly, and warm. It is very common for a kid to get frightened during their first visit; thus, choosing a comfortable environment is vital. For continued relaxed and happy visits, an exceptional first experience with positive people is essential to a smooth dental care journey with children. A patient and a smooth-talking doctor is of utmost importance if you want your child to develop good early dental habits, including visits to the doctor.

2. Timing is everything to have the perfect dental visit.

Dental visits are encouraged to take place in the morning hours because, at this time, kids have a lot of energy that can make treating them very easy. At any given time, one should not choose a dental appointment at nap-time hours; these are essential for a child’s growth. When interrupted, a child can have a cranky mood or even cause tantrums that can entirely spoil the first experience.

Another thing that concerns timing is noticing teeth problems early on before there is a toothache or something else. It is a lot harder to make a child go to the doctor if it has a problem. This is why you have to, at least visually, see the potential problems and take them before the pain kicks in.

3. Ensure you stay calm

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As a parent, you have to hide your anxiety and remain calm. Any bad feelings or energy might spoil the entire visit. Kids are sensitive and fragile, plus they are prone to adopting other people feelings especially those they haven’t experienced by themselves. Your energy will affect how your child will respond to their first visit to the dentist. If you are not a fan of the dentist, try to hide it from your child and let their experience be enjoyable. Another solution is that you have your spouse take the child to the dentist because every problem you have there your child can feel and might adopt which is a bad thing.

4. Read a book or watch a television show while you wait

During a dental visit playing their favourite videos or songs can calm them down and distract any fearful thoughts they might have while in the dental office. There are fun things you can do while you wait, read them their favourite books, catch up on their favourite television show, or play some games. It will make them more willing to visit the dentist’s room, as they have associated fun with dental check-ups. Modern dental offices, especially those turned to kids, have a lot of child-appropriate material and games laid around to make them feel comfortable. Utilize those as best as possible especially if they start being anxious and scared.

5. Prepare your child before the visit

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A parent should prepare their child psychologically on what to expect before and after the dental visit. You have to assure them there are no injections during a check-up. In case they get scared, encourage them to be brave to the extent of offering a reward if they soldier on to the end of the visit; for example, you can promise to drop by the milkshake joint and buy them their favourite flavour. Tagging along with their favourite toys can be vital in the check-up process.

A little “bribe” in these situations goes a long way, and besides food and drinks they may fall for a new toy they have been wanting, so if you can afford its not a bad idea to use treats option to reward them for doing a good job and for their bravery.

6. Doing some role play can calm their nerves.

Children are playful and can be used to your advantage during their visit to the dentist. Consider doing some role-play ahead of time; for example, you can play the dentist’s role by mimicking how they speak and behave when handling a patient. Try to do this a day before your dental check-up; this will help your child get a glimpse of what is expected in the dental room.

Another thing you can do is play the patient yourself and with this, you can prove to them that it is not that bad and that everyone can be brave and endure what is ahead of them. Use games, mimic and roles to put them in different situations to make them more comfortable.

7. Positive attitude while heading to the dentist

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Having a positive attitude as a parent is necessary, especially for the young ones. Remember you want the dental visit to be an enjoyable moment; this will ensure annual dental check-ups won’t be a nightmare for both you and your child. If need be you can always arrange with the dentist to “check you up” first to do a live showcase of what they can expect. Keep a straight and smiling face because they are recording everything, believe us.

This is another case that demands a cooperative and child-friendly dentist and their patience here is very important.
Health is very important and it all starts from the head. If you manage to get them used to the regular check-ups from dentist and GPs than your child will have no problems following those steps later on. These are all stressful situations for them but if you manage to follow these pieces of advice we know that they will take it easier and stress-free.
Make sure your dentist and you are on the same page about things that regard your child and you will not have problems. Choose your dentist carefully because it will mean the world to you later on.