Quality Skillion Shed

7 Reasons You Need a Quality Skillion Shed for Your Australian Farm

Are you an Australian farmer looking for more outbuildings to support your agricultural activities?

Structures such as hay sheds and barns go a long way to protecting your feed and farming equipment. But something many farmers don’t realise is the value of skillion roof sheds.

A skillion shed is different from other types of outbuildings in that it has a single-sided sloping roof.  This feature provides numerous benefits for an agricultural business. Keep reading to find out why having premium-quality skillion sheds is a worthwhile investment for any Australian farm.

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7 Reasons You Need a Quality Skillion Shed for Your Australian Farm

1. Improved Aesthetics and Better Drainage

Source: ranbuildsydney.com.au

Well-designed skillion sheds can come with variable pitches making it easier to accommodate boundary height restrictions and for rainfall harvesting. If your farm is located in high rainfall or snow regions, having the option of adjusting the pitch of your skillion shed allows for better drainage during wet conditions.

Customising the pitch of your skillion shed also makes it aesthetically appealing which is important when its placement makes it easily visible. After all, you want your property to present well to visitors and investors.

2. Maximise Water Catchment

A single-sided sloping roof allows for better water catchment, letting you harvest rainfall more efficiently. This is particularly useful in areas that have little water for farming or household purposes. Installing a rainfall harvesting tank beneath the skillion roof ensures you optimally capture runoff.

You can use rainwater harvesting in high rainfall areas too to save on monthly water bills. Rainfall harvesting can be used to:

  • Irrigate your farmhouse vegetable garden.
  • Top up the swimming pool.
  • Fill the toilet cisterns.
  • Top up livestock watering points.

3. Provide More Storage Space

Source: dependablesheds.com.au

Adjusting the pitch of your skillion shed’s roof gives you more storage space vertically. This is vitally important for farms that use bulky heavy machinery or need extra space for storing livestock feed, harvested products or stacking building materials.

Skillion roof sheds are extremely versatile. They make ideal storage solutions for busy farms that need additional space for keeping all sorts of equipment safe from the elements.

Important: when ordering your skillion shed, make sure you give the right specifications if storage is your number one priority.

4. Easy to Assemble

Skillion sheds are generally easy to assemble as a DIY project, especially if the manufacturers provide simple guidelines for putting them together. Quality skillion sheds should have a fully bolted steel subframe that allows for easy installation. Also, professional shed manufacturers should provide site-specific easy-to-follow instructions so assembling your skillion structure is stable and long-lasting.

If you don’t feel like handling the installation yourself, the right shed company can provide details on installers who can handle the job for you.

5. Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions

Source: shedalliance.com.au

Australian farms often deal with harsh weather such as strong winds and heavy rainfall. The quality of your skillion shed makes all the difference when it comes to withstanding these weather conditions.

Luckily, quality materials ensure your skillion shed lasts you a lifetime while holding up to the Aussie environment!

Top-quality skillion shed designs are engineered to withstand all weather conditions and made with strong materials such as galvanised RHS steel to meet the highest rating for cyclone conditions. Sturdy RHS and universal beams add strength to your skillion shed which keeps them standing strong under harsh weather conditions.

6. Customisation With Optional Features

You can improve the functionality of your skillion shed by customising it with optional features such as:

  • Concrete flooring for parking heavy machinery.
  • Roller doors for additional security at nighttime and when you’re not on the farm.
  • Windows to bring in more light.

Optional design features can make your quality skillion roof shed versatile to suit different farming purposes. For example, besides using them for storage, you can carry out repairs and maintenance on your agricultural equipment inside.

7. Produce Renewable Solar Energy

Source: alphaindustries.com.au

The roof space of your skillion shed could be used to produce renewable solar energy. The single-sloping roof can be pitched at the right angle to optimally capture sunlight when using solar panels. In contrast to other designs, the one expansive roof makes it easier to install solar panels.

This installation can provide electricity to run machinery or provide lighting in locations that don’t have consistent or no power supply. Using solar power can also reduce your monthly energy costs, while lowering your carbon footprint at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Top-quality skillion sheds are engineered to withstand harsh conditions on Australian farms, giving you value for your money! They’re versatile structures and if built with premium materials, will last you a long time. With quality skillion roof sheds, you can streamline your agricultural activities while keeping your assets safe from the weather and intruders!

For all these reasons, investing in skillion sheds makes good business sense for any Australian farmer.