How To Reduce Your Bitcoin Transaction Fees 

As of now, more and more people are showing interest in the crypto market, and Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most popular crypto. With the surge in popularity, companies and even individuals have started using Bitcoin for making and obtaining payments.

However, the primary problem is that the transaction fees of Bitcoin payments have increased. Thus, people are looking for ways to make payments with fewer transaction fees.

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9 Smart Ways To Lessen Bitcoin Transaction Fees

Here we have outlined the best ways that can help you decrease the Bitcoin and other crypto transaction fees.

1. Choose Crypto Exchanges With Fewer Fees


Cryptocurrency exchanges incur varying fees, accept multiple payment methods, and deliver varying services. So, choose your cryptocurrency exchange depending on the services it provides, its fee structure, and determine if it is the right fit for your requirements. If you want to create a new crypto account, visit and register in the

Prior to choosing a platform to make your transactions, it is best to check the expenses you may need to pay. Look at a few different platforms and choose the one with fewer transaction charges and less congestion.

2. Select A Point of Sale System That Lessens Fees

The point of sale (POS) platform authorizes you to receive payments from buyers as a dealer. A few Bitcoin POS companies indict processing fees apart from the market transaction fees, which can rapidly add up more costs. You need to look for a POS supplier who minimizes the compounding charges so it will be easy for you to maintain your revenue.

It is actually possible. There are a few POS companies that authorize the fee depending on your sales percentage. It protects you from varying Bitcoin transaction costs, allowing you to list your expenditures. In addition, it also lowers the charges for Bitcoin transactions.

3. Submit Numerous Transactions At A Time

Batching means the total transactions you process into the restricted space accessible in Bitcoin’s blockchain. Incorporating numerous transactions into one huge payment saves time and money. In general, batching enables you to minimize your per-transaction charge by combining many transactions into a single transaction.

It is a popular strategy among dealers who deal with plenty of Bitcoin transactions each day and are ready to exchange nearness for efficiency. This approach is beneficial to you, and it also helps to keep transaction fees low for all.

4. Lightning Network


Developers have already predicted that there will be an increase in transaction costs since more people show interest in Bitcoin investments and trading. It is also a primary reason they are working on the Lightning Network, which is a Bitcoin-based network that will allow the network to handle more transactions and lower congestion.

Employ the Lightning Network to approve your payments on a sidechain before broadcasting the results to the primary blockchain. It is possible to perform a series of transactions on the Lightning Network and then centralize them. As a result, the transaction fees will be reduced, your payments will be completed shortly, and the transaction outcomes will be documented on the blockchain ledger.

5. Be Patient Until the Network’s Rush Hour Is Over

The Bitcoin network becomes congested during peak or rush hours. If you want your payment to be processed quickly, you can expect to pay elevated transaction tariffs when the network is processing the highest transaction volumes. It is possible to prevent this by delaying your charges submission. There are many dealers who usually wait for some time rather than pay exorbitant fees.

During weekends, blockchain experiences less congestion since companies are not open and fewer transactions are submitted. If you can not delay the payment until the weekend and need to process it either Monday or Tuesday, it is best to do it during midnight. When the blockchain has more clearance area, this happens.

When you wait a long time, there will be limited congestion with fewer fees. In short, make sure to process payments on the platform when there is less traffic. When there is less demand for the services of the platform, the transaction charges will be less, and the payment will be processed quickly.

6. Put A Custom Fee

The Bitcoin transactions are delivered to the mempool where they await processing authorization by the miners. Because of that, Bitcoin fees exist since they provide additional incentives to miners and assist in prioritizing payments. The approval of Bitcoin transactions is primarily reliant on transaction charges. As a result, those who pay greater fees are processed faster.

If you do not have to make the transaction urgently and your POS software enables it, you can manually apply a transaction cost less than the market median. If you pick this option, be aware that your payment may take longer to complete.

7. Tiny Data Packets And Employ SegWit


Make sure not to deliver massive data packets to process on the blockchain if it is not necessary. Facilitate the transactions and utilize any unique elements, procedures, or exchanges that can help lessen the quantity of the data packets. It is also good to employ SegWit to curtail the data packet’s size. In the case of a tiny data packet, there will be fewer tariffs, and the payments might be processed rapidly.

8. Utilize Wallets That Show Compliance With Scaling Technology

In 2017, the Bitcoin group inaugurated SegWit transfers that indict fees about 30% less compared to legacy transactions. As a result, if the legacy transaction fee is $20, you will have to pay about $ 14 with SegWit transactions.

9. Centralize Your Inputs For Numerous Transactions

If you submit numerous transactions on a blockchain, you will have to pay fees individually for every transaction. So, it is best to centralize the tiny payments into a massive transaction rather than processing tiny transactions to the blockchain. In addition, it will help you save money as well.


Bottom Line

As you can see, there are plenty of ways that allow you to process Bitcoin transactions without paying exorbitant charges. You can choose any of the above-listed methods that are on par with your requirements.