Are RTA Kitchen Cabinets Poised to Make A Run in Remodels?

Despite a slow beginning, RTA (ready-to-assemble) kitchen cabinets are on the upswing. Early on, they became known as a cheap substitute for other superior cabinets. People saw them as cheap not only in price but also in their components and quality. However, the last decade has been good to RTA cabinets, as their quality has improved drastically. Because they are versatile, easy to find the right ones online, and are shipped out quickly, RTA cabinets have increasingly become a popular choice. For the DIY consumer with the skill and patience to assemble and install them, RTA cabinets may be the option for you.

Ultimately, the decision of RTA or other models comes down to your timeline, skills, and budget. For those homeowners that do not mind waiting longer for custom cabinets, RTA versions may not be ideal. If remodelers are not very handy, they may struggle a bit to put these pieces together perfectly. If your budget is constrained and you would rather not spend it all on extravagant cabinetry, you can find many completely satisfactory products that come ready-to-assemble – for a great price.

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You Can Personalize and Customize Them


If you have a vision of your kitchen layout, you don’t want to settle on what you can find at big box stores. With RTA cabinets, you can tailor and customize them, adding stylistic touches, hardware, and finishes.

The main categories of kitchen cabinets are RTA, stock, semi-custom, and custom. Each of these has its benefits, but none can offer the flexibility that RTA cabinets do. Because the remodeler has to put them together, they are more cost-effective. However, the option to add your unique style to the product is a big plus. Many people spend years designing their ideal kitchen. Large pieces, especially the cabinets, should be just as you always wanted. While you can reach that dream with semi-custom and custom cabinets, the cost can be too high for many folks.

Many kitchen cabinet companies online have a full suite of colors and finishes to choose from, making finding the exact RTA cabinet easier than ever. Whether you need grey, white, black, or espresso cabinetry, you can select between several shades. As far as finishes, you will see a wide variety on RTA cabinet websites. If you are looking for stained, painted, unfinished, or glazed finishes, the RTA cabinet universe can provide it for you.

The Quality is On Par Now


You will discover a range of quality in RTA cabinets. However, the best RTA versions are often more affordable than many stock models. Finding a manufacturer that does not cut corners is essential. (Check out a reputable seller like Walcraft Cabinetry and other dependable websites). Because you are not paying for labor costs, the price tag of ready-to-assemble cabinetry is noticeably lower than pre-made or custom cabinets. Additionally, online sellers save substantial overhead costs compared to physical locations. These websites can pass on these savings to the consumer, which can be significant.

As you begin your search for the ideal RTA cabinet, you will want to examine several critical points. You should look at the whole cabinet closely, including the drawers, the finish, and the hardware. Many top-notch RTA cabinets use strong hardwoods like maple, oak, and poplar. Drawers and doors come furnished with the finest hardware, utilizing silent glides and soft-close hinges. Avoid poorly designed models and especially those cabinets made of cheaper materials such as particleboard.

You will find many varieties of styles in RTA cabinet inventories today. Whether you plan to incorporate Shaker, traditional, or raised panel cabinets, you can effortlessly search website supplies for the right RTA product. If you are up to the challenge of assembling RTA cabinetry, you can find an excellent model today.

Ease of Online Shopping


RTA cabinets have exploded in popularity, because of their many advantages, and the ease of online shopping. You can find the cabinet of your dreams instantly if you know what you are searching to buy. If you have the desired style, color layout, and any customizations you have in mind, you can “build” your cabinet online. The company ships your pieces out to you quickly, and you just need to assemble them. For those DIY veterans, the assembly and installation are relatively painless, as well.

Many websites today offer free, cheap, or refundable samples so you can see and touch the actual material of your potential cabinet in advance. Customer service has improved vastly online and is often superior to what you may find in some retail stores. You can log on any time of day or night and search away without salespeople steering you to options you may not want. Many online companies give customers the option of calling, emailing, or chatting to get assistance.

Another significant advantage of these companies is that they provide design consultation, often for free. No matter if you are undergoing a total remodel or a minor renovation, you can discuss your aspirations with a professional specialist. They know the RTA cabinet lines well, from the precise color to the best-matching hardware.

RTA: The Wave of the Future


RTA cabinets provide superior quality, versatility, and easy shopping and shipping. They will give you a canvas to get creative, and you can add some customization to them. With a vast selection of cabinet styles, any designer can fulfill their kitchen visions from traditional to modern.

If you are good with home renovation projects, these can save you cash while giving you the ideal cabinet you are looking for in your kitchen. The quality of RTA cabinetry varies widely, but many companies only sell exceptional products online today. With a few clicks, you can find the exact cabinet you want on a website.

Find a trusted cabinet seller online and ensure that they have good reviews and an excellent customer service policy – one that protects the consumer no matter what. All in all, RTA cabinets can be just what you are seeking.