SalonLife Beauty Salon Software Features Reviewed

Software Features

SalonLife comes with a lot of features which generally benefits all beauty specialists. This includes ;

Scheduling and appointments: There’s no better platform for stylists that can handle all activities relating to scheduling.  If this is done traditionally, schedules have to be done orally or with books and pen. Apart from the fact that there would be clashes, it could be ineffective in various manners like no proper time appointment. Appointments are definitely what keeps the skin running.

You could send messages anywhere in the world and get a swift response, saves time. Such a quick way to fix appointments, a solid assurance that there would be no clash or waiting hours for customers.

Now, this is even for customers; for stylists, you could effectively distribute your time to different things you want to do.  You would have opportunities to learn more beauty tips and engage in training if you need to.  So scheduling and appointments done by a specialized software which could be downloaded on Android or iPhones is not a bad idea.

Beauty and beauty: Salonlife is not limited to hairdressing and hair styling.  It encompasses programs for all beauty treatments. programs for spa treatments, nails, tanning, and other beauty services.  Now, this is an excellent opportunity because beauty specialists can become diverse in whatever they do.  People from different part of the country could locate you, once you are registered. Being homogeneous in your service will lead to loss of customers. They will definitely go to where the diversity of beauty services is present.

Therefore, Salonlife adds beauty and beauty.  It is the best hair salon software, best nail salon software, best spa salon software and more.  On this app, you could be trained and also acquire numerous beauty tips and skills.

Management and growth: this is the best app for management of salon activities. It gives adequate information on how to start and run a salon and spa business. Don’t miss out. One of the essential features is marketing.

Have in mind that the software has its ranging popularity, so marketing your salon as a beauty and beauty option of all types is made a breeze. There are also these training opportunities available.  So Salonlife encompasses all,  management and growth.

Expenses reduced: A significant problem faced by hairstylists are high fees especially if they have to call or receive calls which will cost a lot.  No, imagine if they pay their workers per hour,  that will drastically reduce the profit they have eventually.

I recommend salon life because it reduces expenses.  Email is a sure way to go, register and you log in to a wide range of possibilities. This saves time likewise saving money.  Expenses are also reduced with marketing and advertising.  Of course, if you want a high customer base,  you have to go extra miles to make people know you are worth the try.  It will definitely and accurately reduce your marketing ordeal. Also if you want to meet up to the standard of other stylists.

You have to pay money to train right? But in Salonlife, some are free while some are paid for but affordable.

Sales increase

You want to sell more? You want to do better? By integrating SalonLife and MailChimp, Analytics, and Facebook Pixel. By this method, you will know how well your automata are seeking for your service and if they are available promotions or discount on services. You can generate these discounts or coupons to particular clients and not even generally.

All these will make new and old customers return, and this is a growth in sales hence the increase in investment. Google Analytics is business intelligence 101. Through this medium,  you can access the customer base at any time and see how many bookings you have had and how to communicate to these customer base. This is customer service at its peak.

Another great way to advertise your beauty salon is to work with a digital marketing agency such as Primefunnel, who will help with ppc management services. Running ads on Google & Facebook is the quickest ways to get more customers for your salon.

What are sales without customer service? Facebook pixel comes with a lot of ads. Therefore through this medium,  you can send ads to customers who visit regularly and to customers who don’t.  For instance, you have not had a particular customer for a while,  Salonlife comes with facebook pixel which generates ads for customers that have not hosted in a while.

Once you can use this medium to give like a 10% discount on old customers,  they will return, and through this medium, your sales have increased for that period. This software comes in handy when you need reviews too.  This can be achieved through MailChimp. You could send emails to customers to inform them of a new treatment as a service and if you trained under the training,  well better for you. MailChimp allows you also to help those customers who logged in but didn’t complete an appointment.

This app has it all.