5 Things to Consider When Selecting Coffee Packaging – 2024 Guide

When we mention quality coffee, you need to know one thing. The overall quality will depend on another important thing, not just the origin of the grain and so on. It’s about choosing coffee packaging. This is what you should pay equal attention to if you strive for top quality product. Why is the choice of packaging such a significant factor?

Apart from the aesthetic value, it has one more important function – it keeps the coffee fresh. Every coffee lover will know how to pay attention to the packaging, and they certainly want to attract as many interested customers as possible. So, the highest quality packaging for your coffee is definitely the most attractive design you are looking for!

That is why you must offer your dear customers the most attractive packaging they could imagine. When they are thrilled by the design, they will have the opportunity to confirm the quality themselves and enjoy impeccably delicious coffee. However, you will succeed if you stick to some basic things. You can find out what these things are about in the rest of the text.

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1. Different types

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First of all, you need to keep in mind all the options you can try. You will know this if you find out what types of packaging there are. You need to know a few of the most common models, and among them are the following packages:

The Doypack is a classic example of coffee packaging. It is almost round in shape, reminiscent of tin, but has a flat top. The bottom is very stable which allows it to balance well even if it is completely filled with coffee. Of course, there is a zipper that is used so that when it closes completely and keeps it fresh, all this tells one customer to deal with quality coffee.

However, there is a model that has a completely flat lower part and resembles a box bag. This is a slightly more modern packaging than the previous one. You can see it in almost every store, and the name of the model is exactly this – The flat bottom bag. The design is ideal for various positions for marketing purposes.

2. Durability

The most important thing to keep in mind is the sustainability of coffee. That is the ultimate goal to which you have to adjust everything else. This means that it should be provided with maximum protection from all external influences, and that is only possible if it remains closed in a proper way. So, make sure that your packaging has a good barrier between external influences and coffee.

One example of a good option when it comes to packaging is MAP. Also, a system that has performed very well is a one-way degassing valve. He will ensure that everything that is wrong comes out of the package, and the bad does not come in. What it is? With this way of functioning, the carbon dioxide that is retained in the coffee finds its way outside, and harmful things such as moisture or oxygen cannot enter.

Of course, look for other options that achieve the same or better effect. There are many of them on the market, and if you can’t find them yourself, there are always experts to advise you. They will know for sure where to direct you. It all depends on your production needs. Remember that your coffee has a long way to go from production to the customer, make sure it stays fresh.

3. Loading process

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This is another very important thing that you must not forget either! So, you have to think about the fact that this process will most likely slow down or speed up depending on the design. We’ve listed some of the most common models before, and in that case, perhaps the most practical model is the doypack bag.

You may want to choose this if you care about this process. We recommend this model primarily because of its zipper. It has an excellent patent on the upper part, charging can be reported even from two angles. On the other hand, if you have different needs when it comes to charging, maybe this model is not the best for you. Check out the different types of coffee packaging machines at woopacking.com, which will also help you narrow down your choices.

4. Clear content

Customers also want to see clearly what is on the coffee packaging. That is also what they will notice first, try to make it something impressive. You will need a unique design that will contain basic things such as origin, method of processing, date, etc. People simply want to experience what they are buying so they will be thrilled with products that will tell them a story about themselves. Take advantage of this.

5. Less is more

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Today, the packaging of different manufacturers is too accessible to customers, who try to compete with each other and use a lot of elements. In general, there is an increasing use of bold, strange patterns when it comes to the design of packaging.

Instead, opt for a minimalist style. Show only what is necessary, tell customers a concise story about what you are selling and show the right elements how much your coffee is really worth. Then let her quality speak for you. This will certainly leave a better impression on customers, and you will not spend precious time and money coming up with something that no one has done so far.

Believe us, you would spend too much time on that, because so far many ideas have already been seen and it is difficult for companies to stand out. However, don’t follow the majority and that is what will surely set you apart from the competition.


The perfect, complete aroma combined with the filling scent that will never reach potential customers if it does not have good packaging. Let this be your number one rule that will ensure that the distinctive smell and taste of your coffee reaches far. We hope that our tips have helped you, with which you will surely be able to decide on a quality packaging for your coffee.